Grasping The “Fish” Is The Key To Winter Fishing

Understanding the habits of fish is an important part of improving the level of fishing! We all know that fish are hard to catch in winter, but do you know the habits of various target fish in winter? Only when we are familiar with the winter habits of fish, can we make changes to the bait, line group, fishing method and other aspects in winter fishing, and flexibly deal with all kinds of fish conditions! Today we will take a look at the winter habits of common target fish in China, hoping to help you fishing friends.


1. Crucian carp

Crucian carp is cold resistant and the most common target fish for fishing in winter. It can be caught in both the north and the south. Generally speaking, when it comes to winter, crucian carp will become lazy, and their activities are very small. They often like to gather in groups in warmer places. This determines that when we fish for crucian carp, we are more “people looking for fish”. If we haven’t eaten for a long time, we need to consider whether there are fish underwater!

In addition, in winter, the body of crucian carp is very rigid, and the range of activity is very small, which leads to light eating, and the problem of food blocking is very prominent in winter. Therefore, fishing crucian carp in winter is small hook and thin line, and fishing is very blunt, and the sub line slightly lying on the bottom will fit the fish’s mouth better.


2. Carp

When we fish in winter, we often think that we fish crucian carp, so that in the eyes of many fishermen, we can’t fish carp in winter. But in fact, carp can also fish. For example, northern ice fishing often sees fishermen fishing for carp, but compared with crucian carp, carp has poor cold tolerance and fewer fish mouths. Although carp is not cold tolerant in winter, when the water temperature is 10 ℃, carp is still in a more active state. When the water temperature is about 3 ℃ – 6 ℃, carp still has a strong desire to eat. This means that we can fish for carp almost all the year round, and it’s better to choose sunny and stable weather in winter.


In addition, carp don’t stay away in winter, and their eating is also phased. They can eat once a few days. Therefore, it’s very normal to fish sparsely in winter, which has nothing to do with thread group and nest material. Moreover, carp are omnivorous fish, which not only eat vegetables, but also like meat and fishy food. In winter, carp are more interested in meat and fishy food, which is the same as crucian carp Therefore, the bait of crucian carp and carp in winter is mainly fishy.

3. Silver carp and Bighead Carp

The first impression of silver carp and bighead carp is that they like high temperature, because it is the best time to fish silver carp and bighead carp in midsummer. It is a kind of fish that feeds on zooplankton in water. In winter, with the decrease of temperature and sunshine, the phytoplankton and other food in the water will be greatly reduced, and the activity of silver carp and Bighead Carp will also be greatly reduced. But this does not mean that silver carp and bighead carp can not fish, but with the decrease of temperature, silver carp and bighead carp will hide in a warmer water layer.


In fact, when the weather is fine and the surface water temperature rises, silver carp and Bighead Carp will also look for food in the surface waters, which means that the most important thing for fishing silver carp and bighead carp in winter is to look for the water layer. The reverse is to look for the water layer in summer. First, fish the bottom and slowly adjust the height from the bottom. In winter, it is most likely to find a fish mouth 10 cm to 50 cm from the bottom.

Well, that’s all for today’s sharing. What situations have you met in actual fishing? Do you have any better ideas and opinions on fishing? Welcome to speak and discuss.

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