Classification Of Capacitive Touch Screen Components

There are two types of capacitive touch screens: surface capacitive touch screens and projected capacitive touch screens.

Surface capacitive touch screen

The surface type capacitive touch screen is commonly used. Its working principle is simple, the price is low, and the design circuit is simple, but it is difficult to realize multi-touch.

Projected capacitive touch screen

The projected capacitive touch screen has a multi-finger touch function. Both capacitive touch screens have the advantages of high light transmittance, fast response speed, and long life. The disadvantages are: with the change of temperature and humidity, the capacitance value will change, resulting in poor working stability and often drifting. You need to check the screen frequently, and do not wear ordinary gloves for touch positioning.

Projected capacitive screens can be divided into two types: self-capacitance screen and mutual-capacitance screen. The more common mutual-capacitance screen, for example, is composed of driving electrodes and receiving electrodes. The driving electrodes emit low-voltage and high-frequency signals and project them to the receiving electrodes to form a stable Electric current, when the human body touches the capacitive screen, because the human body is grounded, the finger and the capacitive screen form an equivalent capacitance, and high-frequency signals can flow into the ground through this equivalent capacitance. In this way, the amount of charge received by the receiving end is reduced. When the finger is closer to the transmitting terminal, the electric charge decreases more obviously. Finally, the touched point is determined according to the current intensity received by the receiving terminal.

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