Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery Shares The Do’s And Dont’s Of Rhinoplasty Surgery Recovery

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery Shares The Do’s And Dont’s Of Rhinoplasty Surgery Recovery

“Dr. Sheffield, a lifetime member The American Board of Plastic Surgery® (ABPS®), is the preeminent facial plastic surgeon Santa Barbara and he and his staff offer a unique perspective to patients in a comfortable professional environment.”
Rhinoplasty surgery involves a reasonable recovery period, and patients need to be aware of the surgical procedure protocols and and potential risks and result expectations. Dr. Sheffield shares his thoughts on do’s, and dont’s that rhinoplasty patients need to consider.

Santa Barbara, CA – Dr. Robert W. Sheffield Explains Correct Rhinoplasty Surgery Recovery Procedures:

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery takes almost three or more weeks for the patients to return to their normal activities. The surgery recovery period involves pain, swelling, redness, downtime, etc. However, many do’s, and dont’s that board-certified surgeon state about every patient should take care of. The patients have to show commitment if they want to recoup in the best way.

According to Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, head of SB Aesthetics Medical Spa, “There is a general list of some of the important do’s, and dont’s that patients need to take care of after Rhinoplasty Santa Barbara surgery. It is not worth giving yourself the stress. If your job involves strenuous activities, take a rest and use two pillows to sleep at night to keep your head elevated. It is important to keep in mind the pre and post-operative instructions, and if you have too many pain medications, then try to switch to Tylenol possibly soon.”

He further added, “We advise our patients to stop certain medications that are necessary to avoid excessive bleeding during the surgery. Do carry out exercises and walks that will help to keep your blood in circulation.”

Coming on to the dont’s, Dr. Sheffield advises not to perform any heavy activity at least for 3 weeks. Also, do not a good idea to pick on the nose, try to expel the sneeze through the mouth instead of a nose, and never become impatient seeing the after-effects. The surgeons also stated to avoid crowds or going to meet family and friends for few weeks. However, the patients who do not want to go through all the surgical pain can opt for injectable or fillers-based rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield Advocates about Minimally Invasive Procedures in Today’s Time

Santa Barbara-based Dr. Sheffield states that liquid rhinoplasty is the modern alternative to the traditional nose job surgery. The patients will undergo this procedure using injectables that are specifically Juvederm dermal fillers, Radiesse, and Voluma. The nasal fillers provide the patients with the nose shape they have always wanted.

Moreover, the customized treatment plan is followed by Dr. Sheffield in his medical spa. Apart from non-invasive rhinoplasty procedures, he also provides many other minimally invasive procedures at his office like mini scar facelift, Botox brow lift, neck lift, cheek enhancement, eyelid surgery, etc. All these procedures have a short recouping time, and the procedures are affordable and safe too.

About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield is a third-generation plastic surgeon who carries out minimally invasive procedures on his patients. These procedures involve using fillers, injectables, and local anesthesia to correct the shape, form, or signs of old age from the patient’s face. The aesthetics are restored without using the surgical procedures. For more details, please visit https://sbaesthetics.com/

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