True Eye Experts Announces Scholarship Winner for Academic Year 2020-2021

A Florida-based eye care company will be awarding their 2020-2021 scholarship winner $1,000 in the coming fall semester. The winner is Tiffany Eneumo, an incoming freshman at the University of Houston in Texas.

Tampa, Florida – June 11, 2021 – True Eye Experts, an eye health company based in several locations in Florida recently announced their scholarship winner for the academic year 2020-2021. The awardee, Tiffany Eneumo, is an incoming freshman at the University of Houston pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship and Finance.

The ability to pursue one’s dreams requires self-discipline and resources. This becomes even more relevant for students who want to finish college – with tuition fees rising to more than 100% in many universities, it is easy to understand why many are struggling. Coupled with the financial struggles brought about by the recent pandemic, current and incoming college students are faced with financial burdens heavier than expected.

One of the core values of True Eye Experts is compassion towards others. Being a company that provides eye care services, they believe that wellness goes beyond the realm of vision. True wellness, according to them, is being free from stress such as financial worries getting in the way of pursuing one’s goal. This is the inspiration for starting their scholarship program which is meant to help deserving students pay for college expenses.

Their recent round of the scholarship program yielded many applicants, and one winner stood out. A senior from Blue West High School, Tiffany Eneumo, will be receiving the $1,000 for the fall semester in 2021. Tiffany will be attending the University of Houston as an Entrepreneurship and Finance student. 

A part of the scholarship application required a 500-word essay with the prompt: “What’s your vision for the future and how will your college experience play a role in your impact?” to which Tiffany talked about the importance of capital for individuals who want to pursue entrepreneurship:

“One of the largest barriers facing entrepreneurs in underserved communities is inadequate access to capital. While funding start-ups has historically taken a one size fits all approach, many investors are now beginning to realize the need for individualized and innovative funding methods,” she remarked.

Tiffany explained that her goal was to use her degree and the passion she has for entrepreneurship to create new ways to fund startups.

“In my education, I plan to combine my personal passion for entrepreneurship with my interest in learning the ins and outs of general business as well as finance in order to later discover these possibilities. While studying, I aspire to start small programs dedicated towards expanding financial resources in marginalized communities. Following my university education, I will strive to develop my own company that takes standard financing and finds ways to make it accessible to all communities,” she added.

True Eye Experts is an eye health center that offers comprehensive eye exams, contact lenses, custom-fit eyewear, and other eye care services based in several Florida locations. With advanced medical technology in the realm of eye care, the company strives to provide the best of eye health services for its clients.

To know more about the company and its scholarship program, you may visit their website or reach out to Brianna Ferriera at

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