Trails Captures Endangered Wild Life In Their Natural Habitat To Make The World Aware of Their Importance

Trails offers a 360-degree view into the natural habitat of some of the endangered wild animals and creates awareness about the need to save them.

Trails, a browser-based platform with a collection of a large number of high-quality videos that showcase endangered wild animals in their natural surroundings, is aiming to spread awareness about their importance to the ecosystem. These videos help the viewers in establishing a bond with these animals and understand their plight better.

“We live in a world where there are 1556 endangered animal species with their lifestyle and even existence severely affected by several manmade factors,” says the spokesperson for Trails. “Rapid deforestation, the fear of some wild animals, and the penchant to display them as trophies have created a high level of risk for the existence of these animals. We are aiming to spread awareness about the serious implications of these developments for the future generation.”

Trails has been developed to reiterate the point that the universe was created for humans and nature to coexist. Today’s generation seems to have scarce respect for the basic tenet that unless we protect and care for nature and its cohabitants, we too risk our survival. Trails aims to re-establish the fact that coexistence and caring are habits all humans must nurture and encourage.

Trails 360-degree captivating videos show why it is important for people to have empathy for the flora and fauna. While trying to create empathy for the wild endangered animals and marine lives, Trails also aims to send out a loud and clear message that it is important to keep animals and nature protected and take steps to ensure they are not harmed.

The browser-based platform was created in association with the World Wildlife Fund to bring to the world the true picture of thousands of endangered animals in their natural habitat. These beautifully created videos can be an eye-opener for those who are not aware of the importance of flora and fauna in our ecosystem.

The compelling 360-degree videos also help create an awareness of the danger of nature abuse by humans through various compelling 360-degree videos.  

The brains behind the Trails initiative are Creative Technologists Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja.

Trails is the proud recipient of the following awards:

  1. Silver – Muse Creative Award
  2. Silver – Vega Digital Award
  3. Bronze – Creativity International Award
  4. Finalist – Communication Arts Interactive Competition
  5. Shortlist – The Side Show
  6. Gold – Graphis New Talent Awards

About Trails:

Trails is a browser-based platform launched in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. It was formed to help create awareness about the dangers faced by 1556 endangered animal species and why it is important to protect these animals from further miseries. The platform aims to create a bond between humans and wildlife through a series of 360-degree videos that provide a view of these animals in their natural habitat. Trails aims to spread the awareness of the importance of animals on our planet, how they form a crucial element of our collective ecosystem, and why they must be protected and saved from human predators.

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