G.R. Morris Books’ ‘Tomorrow’s End’ Series Garners Cult Following

Book series is capturing the imaginations of sci-fi enthusiasts everywhere.

When one thinks of classic sci-fi, perhaps just a few titles come to mind, but modern day sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts are flocking to G.R. Morris Books and the ‘Tomorrow’s End’ series.

Geoffrey Morris, also known to his fans as G.R. Morris, is an award winning author whose accolades include the Dragonfly book award and a Feathered Quill award. His books have received numerous five star reviews and positive testimonials from readers across the web.

The first book of the ‘Tomorrow’s End’ series centers around Kevin Knight and his unlikely rise to heroism. Tragedy strikes and demonic forces steal his soul, and ultimately, an alien shows him the true nature of the world and beyond. An invasion is coming soon, and Kevin has to choose which side he’ll be on.

“Fans of science fiction will love the attention to detail that Morris puts into the technologies, alien lifeforms, and overarching themes throughout the story,” said one reader. “Likewise, horror fans will find plenty to love with the graphic violence and scenes of death and destruction.”

The 430 page novel takes readers on an amazing adventure that seamlessly weaves together religious mythology, philosophy, and science fiction. The battle between good and evil is emphasized by major plot twists that keep readers guessing and engaged in the story.

The second book of the series, ‘Tomorrow’s End II: Darkness Rises’, promises to continue the saga in an epic way. At the G.R. Morris website, readers can sign up to receive their copy of ‘Tomorrow’s End II’ for free.

Also at the website, fans and followers can find a wealth of behind the scenes content that includes an ‘About Me’ section centering around Morris. In addition, fans can find an entire selection of merchandise stemming from the series that includes items such as coasters, shower curtains, comforters, robes, apparel, ornaments, watches, and much more. The long list of sought after ‘Tomorrow’s End’ merchandise has become in demand with followers of the series, and each finely crafted and unique item is perfect for anyone who has become a die hard fan of the series.

Quickly rising to classic status, ‘Tomorrow’s End’ has already become a mainstay of sci-fi and fantasy fans the world over. More information can be found at https://grmorrisbooks.com.

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