Joy in every step with Gripjoy Socks

Gripjoy offers comfortable non-slip grip socks that are fashionable, too.

There is a scary familiarity with the feeling of slipping. One suddenly feels his or her feet slide from underneath them. Their heart skips a beat for a moment, and they brace themselves for the impact of falling hard to the floor.

Non-slip socks are a necessity for many, from toddlers taking their first steps to elderly individuals seeking greater independence. While there is no shame in needing a little extra support underfoot, traditional grip socks are often poorly designed, cheaply made and certainly no joy to wear. And that is why Alison Miles, the founder of Gripjoy, created and developed the brand to change the game. She knew that she was not alone in the search and need for higher quality, more attractive non-slip socks.

“Before Gripjoy, individuals who needed grip socks were often stuck wearing ugly, ill-fitting hospital socks. Our goal is to increase confidence and enable greater independence,” Alison added. Being diagnosed with Pompe disease in 2018, a rare disease that causes muscle weakness, Gripjoy is Alison’s pride and joy. Since she herself has experienced the struggle and wants to give back, Gripjoy donates 10% of the company’s profits organizations working to improve the lives of those living with neuromuscular disease.

Gripjoy creates quality non-slip socks perfect for everyday wear. Gripjoy socks have transparent grippers to provide discreet non-slip protection and all-day comfort. Each pair is thoughtfully designed with flat grips and gripper-free toes to provide robust non-skid support without causing irritation. Unlike other brands, their socks can easily be worn with or without shoes. Not to mention that they come in various designs and colors.

With Gripjoy socks, women and men can have all the grip support they need to partake in yoga, pilates, or even running after their little ones. Gripjoy socks stretch and contour to the feet to provide superior stability on hardwood floors, tiles, and other slippery surfaces. Kids can freely play, jump, and dance around with the support of their grip socks. Indeed, Gripjoy was created for everyone, no matter what age or gender.

Versatile Gripjoy socks are the perfect gift for anyone who wants life to be a little less slippery. Parents, grandparents, childcare providers, post-surgical patients, pregnant and postpartum women, elderly, and those living with disabilities would definitely love to receive a pair or three.

Enjoy a firm footing and confidence in every step with Gripjoy. For more information about their grip socks and the variety that they offer, visit their website at

About Gripjoy

Gripjoy is a company that creates quality non-slip socks that are not only comfortable and effective, but stylish too. Founded by Alison Miles, Gripjoy is based in the Chicago area.

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