With the Help of His New Book, Dr. Timothy Yen Guides People on How to Live a Better Life

“Choose Better: The Optimal Decision-Making Framework” is an Amazon best-selling book on optimal decision-making by Psychologist Timothy Yen.

Life can be such a crazy rollercoaster ride. There are ups and downs, and most definitely, it’s also filled with twists and turns. When it gets a little bit too overwhelming, there is no shame in seeking help. It is hard to act on something when there’s uncertainty. That’s why it is important to seek guidance to address these issues and always seek self-improvement.

Dr. Timothy Yen, a psychologist based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, has always been committed to helping people be their best selves. He offers services such as counseling, training, and consulting. Particularly, Dr. Yen advocates for compassionate wisdom, healing and strengthening for people experiencing depression, anxiety, and relationship challenges. He is also open for speaking engagements related to decision making and mental health. But now, above everything else, he is also the author behind the Amazon best-seller “Choose Better: The Optimal Decision-Making Framework.”

Talking about ways to overcome life challenges and overwhelming decisions, Choose Better provides a framework to solving any problem, no matter how difficult. This book has proven to be a companion in self-discovery and featured in Harvard Business Review, Success, and Entrepreneur, and in numerous podcasts.

The book was developed from lessons learned through individual case studies, thousands of clinical hours, and scientific research. It is guaranteed to equip and gear people towards their best path no matter what challenges and adversities they may face in this life. By identifying people’s deepest motivations, allowing them to clarify their values, understanding the needs of others, and learning ways to increase courage to make the right decisions, are just among the many lessons that this book has to offer.

“Creating your best life begins with one decision at a time. My desire is for people to experience life richly and fully.” This is what Dr. Yen had to say when asked about what inspired him to share his lessons and insights through the book, Choose Better. He firmly believes that people should stop leaving their well-being to chance and take charge of their narrative. As cliché as it may sound, change starts from within.

Through his book, Dr. Yen wishes that his readers will start claiming their best lives by learning how to make the right decisions; decisions that are thoroughly considered and aligned with their values. Choosing better is a key skill in order to live a life filled with contentment and peace of mind. As any skill, he knows that decision making is a skill that anyone can learn and improve.

Know more about Dr. Yen’s best-seller, Choose Better or read more about this psychologist’s expertise at the website: https://timyen.com.

About Timothy Yen

Timothy Yen is a psychologist with a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in consultation from Azusa Pacific University, practicing in the East Bay area and leading conferences and retreats around the globe. He is the author of the best-selling book “Choose Better: The Optimal Decision-Making Framework.” Between his years in private practice, Kaiser Permanente, and another eight years as a Mental Health Staff Sergeant in the US Army, he’s empowered hundreds of individuals, families, organizations, and teams to develop authentic relationships and grow into their best selves. He currently resides in Northern California with his wife and son.

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