SproutRite Debuts Smart Gardening Systems to Empower Home Growers

Company Leverages Experience and Technology to Make Gardening Simpler and More Accessible.

SproutRite, a leading retailer of gardening systems and solutions based in Dallas, Texas, has announced strategic partnerships with a number of innovative manufacturers seeking to increase accessibility and participation in home gardening. The SproutRite team will be leveraging their industry knowledge and expertise to introduce consumers to state-of-the-art Smart Gardens.

SproutRite specializes in providing solutions to help consumers overcome the common obstacles that plague growers. A lack of space. Little to no knowledge of gardening. Inadequate time for maintenance. Zero confidence.

These dated excuses are no longer passable for consumers equipped with the newfangled Smart Gardens of today.

“We want to empower people and equip them to grow their own food, despite the limitations that exist in their specific circumstances,” said Adam Crouch, founder of SproutRite.com. “You don’t need a spacious yard or a naturally green thumb to have success. You can grow delicious, healthy, and chemical-free food without experience, inside your studio apartment and with minimal effort.”

SproutRite has joined forces with partners like Just Vertical, Altifarm, and Aspara — all creators of self-contained gardening solutions empowering people to grow their own fresh produce. While each offers a slightly different approach to growing, all were artfully designed to visually fit within the modern home or workplace.

Smart Gardens have a special allure for inexperienced growers, primarily due to the minimal setup and maintenance that are required for successful operation. Most systems include everything needed to start growing immediately, including nutrients and seed pods optimized for the system. Other attractive features include self-watering technology, automated feeding and lighting cycles, and responsive smart sensors.

Consumer interest in gardening systems has peaked during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people search for at home hobbies or seek out solutions to remove their dependency on external food sources. Statistics show that over one quarter of Americans planted a food garden in response to the pandemic — a trend that many expect to continue in the coming years.

More information can be found at SproutRite.com.

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