CODE 118: This Trending Tech-Fashion Startup Has Completely Reinvented The Wallet Industry

Could This Be The World’s Best Wallet?

When it comes to the items people carry every single day, there’s nothing that comes to mind quicker than the wallet.

And when it comes to wallets, one innovative new company is making headlines — CODE 118.

The meaning behind the name comes from the 118 naturally occurring elements found on earth. CODE 118’s mission is to use the absolute best of these elements in their innovative array of lifestyle essentials.

In short, they craft their products from some of the most exotic materials known to man, and they’re really, really cool. However, is $99 USD reasonable for something that’s basically a piece of bored-out carbon fiber with a trigger mechanism to pop out your cards? Keep reading to find out.

Automatic “Card-Popping” Function:

The way this feature works is simple: Take 5-7 cards and slide them into the opening at the top of the wallet. (The cards are held in place by a special “stopper” along the inside of the wallet to prevent them from falling out — even under extreme circumstances.)

Next, simply click the “eject button” at the bottom corner of the wallet… and *CLICK* — your cards magically appear out of nowhere in a staggered fashion. This feature makes accessing cards on the go easy and hassle-free.

The Utility Clip (cash, extra cards, or receipts):

The utility clip is made from heat-treated steel and it securely grips up to 5 credit cards or 20 folded bills at full capacity. It can also double as a pocket clip, similar to that found on a folding knife. It’s a useful feature and a nice touch.

Uniqueness and style:

The CODE 118 Tactical Wallet is small without feeling insubstantial, sturdy and durable while still looking refined and sleek. The glossy carbon fiber resembles that found on a Ferrari, yet the overall aesthetic isn’t overly flashy.

Durability and longevity:

The Tactical Wallet is guaranteed for life and completely backed by CODE 118’s lifetime warranty. It’s quite durable and people across the internet have been putting it through a number of brutal tests. The wallet is waterproof and the mechanism inside is also debris-proof.

In Conclusion:

After a brief learning curve, the wallet is easy (and some might even say fun) to use. It takes up virtually no space, yet holds a good amount. Style wise, it looks cool and sleek, without being overly showy. Thanks to its durability and lifetime warranty — some say it may just be the last wallet they’ll ever buy.

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