Baby and Sunshine Sends Love and Happiness with Baby Must-Have Boxes

This family-owned online shop supports parents and small home-based businesses.

Nothing beats the joy of expecting a child. It may be challenging for some, but knowing that a tiny human is waiting to explore the world is priceless. During these times, parents and parents-to-be are in a rollercoaster ride of emotions. And so to support them, Baby and Sunshine sends love and happiness through their baby care boxes.

Baby and Sunshine is a family-owned online shop that offers quality and adorable items for moms, and sometimes dads and siblings, and babies. Founded by a couple who experienced a rough pregnancy and postpartum journey, Baby and Sunshine aims to bring mini baby showers in boxes that are filled with happy little things to families who are expecting and those with newborns.

Baby and Sunshine has a variety of mom and baby items on its online shop, such as maternity clothes, breastfeeding bras, and binders for moms, twinning shirts for dads and babies, and clothes, shoes, and onesies for little ones. Baby accessories such as swaddles, wraps and cloth carriers, toys, storybooks, and diaper bags are also available.

Among the loveable items that are on the website, the most popular is the Mom and Baby Subscription Boxes. These special boxes are curated following the survey that customers filled out upon purchase. They contain an array of must-have items that vary from the baby’s daily essentials to keepsakes and mementos.

Baby and Sunshine’s Mom and Baby Subscription Boxes come in three sizes—the mini box (contains three to four items), the standard box (with six to eight items), and the super box (has nine to 11 items). And because they are personalized, these subscription boxes are a great way for parents and parents-to-be to save time and effort in shopping for their needs in-store or on various websites. It is also convenient as the subscription can also be easily managed in the account. It can be skipped, paused, changed to a different box, and canceled anytime.

Apart from spreading love and happiness to families through its subscription boxes, Baby and Sunshine also supports home-based small businesses that sell essential items for moms and babies. The company purchases from these small shops and retails them through its website, as separate items or included in the subscription boxes. This is because Baby and Sunshine understands the struggle parents have in balancing their time between their babies and work. “We hope that by purchasing their items, we can help them have more time with their little ones while earning additional income,” said the Baby and Sunshine representative. “And by selling them through our website, their items reach other families who can enjoy them as well.”

Baby and Sunshine hopes that through its business, parents can make more special moments with their little ones, and cope with the challenges that pregnancy and parenthood bring. For more information on the company, visit

About Baby and Sunshine, LLC

Baby and Sunshine, LLC is a family-owned online shop that aims to spread love and happiness to expecting moms and moms with newborns with its subscription boxes. Each personalized subscription box contains baby must-have items that come from mom-and-pop shops that the company supports.

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