LEXIGO Pushes Forward in Mission to Help Clients Seamlessly Tap into Multicultural Audiences

With their hybrid translation solutions, LEXIGO helps government organizations and companies alike reach new audiences.

Marketing in today’s digital age means the need to flawlessly connect with audiences around the world, as this is the best way to make the most out of the global reach that’s available to organisations now. One of the biggest challenges to this, however, rests in translation.

Many brands and organisations turn to translation services, but LEXIGO acknowledges the many issues that arise with traditional translation services. For instance, traditional translation services don’t tend to be as efficient as needed. On the other hand, machine learning platforms aren’t always as accurate or as tailored towards speaking and translating in context.

That’s where LEXIGO differs. Their platform has been built from the ground up to offer the best of both worlds. Clients get to take advantage of both sleek, efficient machine learning based translation and the human element. With this hybrid translation portfolio at their service, LEXIGO’s clients can communicate with audiences in 138 countries.

“We are committed to building the future of translation,” Mark Saba, CEO and founder of LEXIGO stated.

“Human-powered translation is still important for areas such as context, targeting audiences, reaching varying literacy levels, and speaking to the true nature of content. After all, communication is an art, and the human element can help to ensure that translation is true to the soul of the message being conveyed” Mark continued.

Machine learning is a quickly growing sector, and this exciting technology is showing up in major platforms all over the web. Machine learning is being molded by artificial intelligence (AI), which is making machine-based translation an evolving method that’s becoming smarter every day.

Together, these translation methods yield an amazing solution for government departments, organisations, and brands looking to reach international markets. Not only is LEXIGO helping its clients to reach audiences in their native language, but it’s helping companies get their products to market faster. This platform has quickly become a must-have tool for brands looking to grow their presence internationally. From product placement to customer relations, having the right translation service is a make or break for international growth, and LEXIGO is proud to offer a dynamic solution.

Currently, LEXIGO offers translation services for 96 languages and 200+ language pairs with their online platform. LEXIGO is now accepting new clients who want to make the most of the digital age and international growth. More information can be found at https://www.lexigo.com.


LEXIGO helps organisations reach multicultural audiences with cloud-based translation, localisation, and communication services that leverage both the human element and machine learning for efficient, accurate translation.

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