Rising Music Artist From Baton Rouge Shares About His Career And Past Life In Snow Hill North Carolina

38 Goblin is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana hip hop artist and a record label owner of Buck Town Entertainment. Buck Town Entertainment was founded in Snow Hill, North Carolina located in Greene County the home of major hip hop rap artist Petey Pablo and Rapsody, Brown Town is a neighborhood well known as Buck Town. 38 Goblin and his producer Ayokuan from Snow Hill are planning to release a mixtape really soon. 38 Goblin does not plan on collaborating with any locals from Snow Hill at all unless, the feature money is right.

38 Goblin stated that his neighborhood made him the man he is today. He has witnessed and participated in lots of unforgettable activities growing up. I have seen people get shot in front of my face. There have been numerous times where I could have lost my life. I am absolutely thankful and blessed to be alive today. Only God knows what I was going through at that time.  I had to hide everything from my family. If it wasn’t for my sister and my final choice I would be in that wooden box right now.

Shortly after 38 Goblin moved back to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was always known in the music scene for his hard work. He also began to catch the eye of different major labels. He is very well known in a recent city which he lived for a small period of time called Leesville. He stated the majority of the rappers in Leesville Louisiana could make it out, but they are to over their heads. The hate is real in a small city, since it’s so small that’s what makes it so toxic. Nobody doesn’t want to work together, every rapper is a crawfish and our state is the bucket it’s whoever makes it out first.

These artist will sink the whole ship just because they want to be captain. 

38 Goblin has a second album coming, he wants his supporters to know to be on the lookout and there are bigger things coming.

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