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Although Role Playing Games began as a very niche hobby, one where small and isolated groups of friends gathered around the dining room table to live out epic dungeon quests or explore the far-flung space lanes, it quickly evolved into so much more. And today, it is part of a multi-media, multi-genre, multi-million-dollar, global phenomenon which takes in, not just the original RPG world but everything from TV franchises to games conventions, blockbuster film adaptations to video games and so much more besides.

But, for those of us still engaged in the traditional, social, and physical style of play, the one where people gather together, roll dice, and create narratives and explore ideas plucked for the collective imagination, finding a group of like-minded players can be as hard as ever. Yes, the internet has opened up many options to the modern gamer, people can play games over vast distances and there are so many ways of accessing all manner of adventures. But perhaps such competition has made things even harder for those who relish the personal touch, social interaction, and the more tangible experience.

So, if the question is “where do I go to find a group of people to sit down and game with?” The answer is RPG Game Find. Essentially, a global listing site, RPG Game Find provides a directory of gaming groups, and those looking for them, near and far. And using the site couldn’t be simpler. Just submit your post to the site and wait for those with similar gaming interests nearby to get in touch.

Of course, the term RPG is a broad label and covers myriad game genres from steampunk cultists to ancient warriors, from fleet-level space battles to the traditional fantasy dungeon delvers and everything in between. But it also caters for board games, collectable card games, table-top miniature battles and even those who like to fully inhabit their character and partake in Live Action Role Play. If it is escapist gaming of a more social nature, then you will find it here.

But the site aims to be so much more than that. It aims to be a forum and support mechanism for such groups acting a place where groups, gamers and those within the industry can share their experience, keep up to speed on the latest developments or perhaps, just hang out with people with the same interests.

So, whether you have an existing gaming group and are looking for fresh blood, are planning to set up a regular gaming session or are someone struggling to find a group to role play with, getting listed on RPG Game Find is the first step. What are you waiting for? Sign up today:

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