New Technology Posture Corrector Combats Slouching, Poor Posture And Joint Pain

Poor posture, spinal column pain, and stress are affecting a growing number of Australians each year. The new design in back braces will help to achieve much-improved posture in weeks.

AlignMat is pleased to announce the launch of their self-help posture corrector products.  Some of the specific issues which the wearable appliances correct include stooped shoulders, poor vertical spine alignment, and neck pain.  Poor posture is linked to several factors, including long hours sitting in an ergonomically unhealthy position. Playing video games or texting with the mobile device held in an awkward position can leave the spine and neck out of alignment and weaken the muscles that help support the spinal column. 

Four designs are available to address specific postural issues. These include the shoulder brace, back straightener, posture brace, and back brace. The devices are designed to be worn by men or women and are available in various sizes. The braces have additional features which have earned them the label of the best posture corrector for Australians looking for relief from many of the symptoms which poor posture can bring on. 

The posture training device is constructed to be super comfortable, thanks to the smart textiles used in the design. The unit also is fitted with a dozen tourmaline magnets across the spine. The brace stimulates and activates blood flow throughout the muscles of the back and spine. Increased blood flow provides relief from spinal pain. Wearing the super comfortable AlignShoulder Brace provides instant corrections of poor posture and also helps to improve long-term posture. 

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Included on the website are several exercises which can be used in conjunction with the wearable posture correctors. As muscles are strengthened and trained, wearers will see a noticeable difference in their look and feel. Self-confidence is improved, clothes fit better, and overall health is enhanced. Good posture can significantly improve the mental outlook, as well as the physical outlook and stamina. 

About the Company: 

AlignMat is an Australian company dedicated to self-help products for better posture and spinal alignment. Their posture correction units are comfortable to wear and work for both the short and long term. The shoulder, back, and neck braces incorporate smart textiles for comfort and durability.

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