Wilmok Brings Sustainable Men’s Fashion with its High-End Italian Handmade Ties at Revolutionary Prices

Wilmok has created a name for sustainable fashion, providing luxury handmade ties made with recycled plastic!

Italy – In the recent past, the world has witnessed a gradual shift to sustainable fashion. However, when it comes to men’s fashion, many people still seem to struggle with it. Often, men find it challenging to get hands-on the perfect attires, ties, shoes, and other items that suit their style, last long, and are sustainable. Be it accessories, shoes, or jackets, investing in good quality sustainable clothing is always a good choice for individual style and also for the environment in the long term. However, the choices of sustainable fashion are always limited for men, especially for accessories. But worry not. Wilmok brings the ultimate Sustainable Men’s Fashion, offering high-end accessories that enhance men’s style and gives them a dapper look.  

Wilmok takes pride in being the first and only brand to craft the ultimate 100% Italian Handmade Ties, made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The ties are designed keeping the current trends and latest fashion styles in mind. Wilmok understands that every year, tonnes of clothing ends up in landfills without being fully utilized. This puts a strain on the investment, deteriorates the environment, and results in more waste that could have been used in a better way. The Recycled Plastic Luxury Fashion by Wilmok lasts a lifetime and offers a luxurious experience to men with each tie recycling approximately 3.5 plastic bottles. What’s more impressive about Wilmok is its mission to create these unique accessories at revolutionary prices while supporting underprivileged children to achieve their dreams. The company’s vision of creating sustainable fashion, supporting environmental and community causes, and providing men with quality products at affordable prices sets the firm apart from other fashion brands.

“After years of research, we have created the first and only ties made from 100% recycled plastic (GRS certified).” 

Wilmok believes in bringing innovative solutions that create a win-win for the brand, its customers, and the community. The Handmade Italian ties come in various colors, designs, and types catering to every fashion style and trend. Be it extremely rare Shantung ties from Como or Grenadine/ Garza ties that define style, Wilmok offers all. Furthermore, Wilmok has partnered with Food for Life Nepal (FFLN) to reduce hunger. Hence, each tie bought by the customer serves to provide one week of food to the underprivileged child, creating a positive change in thousands of young children’s lives. To sum it up, Wilmok’s sustainable Men’s Fashion provides an all-in-one solution to finding the perfect luxury ties while simultaneously contributing towards better and healthy communities for the future.  

“Very high-quality tie and, they included a pocket square to make up for a slight shipping delay!”

About the Company:

Wilmok is an Italian Brand that caters to sustainable men’s fashion. The firm offers luxury handmade ties made from recycled plastic. All of its high-end products are long-lasting, affordable, and sustainable.  

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