Via Florelle Blooms the Emotions that Words Cannot Convey

This luxurious flower boutique brings out true feelings through its sophisticated floral arrangements.

“Actions speak louder than words,” maybe an old saying that will always stay relevant. But conveying emotions through elaborate floral arrangements takes the “action” to a whole new level.

Via Florelle, a luxurious flower boutique housed in Glendale, California, delivers feelings and conveys pure emotions that are beyond words through its exquisite signature boxed floral arrangements. On its website, it displays the perfected craftsmanship of graceful floral boxes that reflect the sincere emotions of its clients. For years, Via Florelle has brought sophistication, glamor, and elegance to various occasions for its distinct clientele across the country with its crafted floral arrangements.

Via Florelle is driven by the passion to pursue beauty and elegance. It prides itself on luxurious boxes of premium freshly cut roses as well as forever roses which can last up to three years. All these are delicately crafted to evoke the message its clients want to express in an elegant and sophisticated manner.

“Whether you are in search of graceful elegance or powerful simplicity, Via Florelle has the arrangement to match your desires and bring glamour to every occasion, mood, or feeling,” shared a Via Florelle Co-Founder. Today, Via Florelle continues to provide exceptional floral experiences to its distinguished clients across the country.

But how the posh flower boutique started is not all glitz and glam. Via Florelle began with a vacation trip that did not go as planned. Ani, one of its founders, was on a plane to Paris, the city of love, with her mother and sister. Before the plane took off, her fear of flights got the best of her and sent her back home. Feeling so guilty that she let her family down, she went on an online journey to find the best flower shop that can deliver an arrangement to her family’s hotel room in the city of love to let them know she was sorry for what happened. She found one that seemed to understand what she wanted to convey. But when the flowers arrived, they were nowhere near what she wanted to say. The experience woke up the creative idea in her to establish her flower shop that can cater to the needs of distinct personalities and satisfy those with fine taste.

Armed with a passion for modern luxury lifestyle and a dream to provide an exceptional floral experience that can please her mother’s exquisite taste, Ani, together with her mother, Zara, went on a quest to find the world’s finest blooms that can please both their delicate and glamorous tastes.

After much research, the journey led the mother-and-daughter team to fine artisans in Ecuadorian farms who now supply premium Ecuadorian roses to Via Florelle. These premium florals are ethically sourced and uniquely packed to preserve their freshness and beauty from when they were first picked from the farms. The same flowers are then thoughtfully crafted by expert florists and innovatively packed and designed to satisfy the clients’ needs and desires before delivering to the recipients’ doorsteps.

Today, Via Florelle continues to suit the preferences of many with its luxurious boxes of finest Ecuadorian roses elegantly arranged to perfectly evoke the emotions of their clientele.

About Via Florelle

Via Florelle is a luxurious flower boutique that delivers sophisticated personalized floral arrangements that convey emotions. The brand has become famous for this type of arrangement that is ordered frequently by most of its clientele. For its fresh-cut long stem roses, Via Florelle lets customers design their box or choose from its pre-arranged boxes. For its forever roses, the brand has the Lumiere Forever Roses in acrylic boxes and the Forever Classic in its specially designed Blooming Heart Boxes. Via Florelle roses are ideal for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, housewarming celebrations, milestone anniversaries, weddings, and any other occasions.

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