First-Of-Its-Kind Online Bank Account And Payment App Spondula Set To Officially Launch Worldwide

Innovative mobile banking solution, Spondula, now accepting pre-registration amidst plans for an official launch globally

Spondula looks set to disrupt the global financial service industry by leveraging the concept of online banking to empower customers with fast, reliable, and real-time solutions. The all-inclusive payment app is designed to allow users, irrespective of their location across the globe, to pay, receive, and bank internationally, with features that stand it out from the average banking app. In a related development, Spondula is currently accepting pre-registration as the app is set to officially hit the industry in the coming weeks to be available on Google Play and the App Store for iOS and Android users. 

The financial service industry has evolved over the years to become a multi-trillion-dollar market, thanks to the emergence of several solutions to meet the growing and diverse needs of consumers. Technological advancements that birthed the fast-growing fintech industry have further driven the growth of the global financial service industry, with online solutions helping to bring more people into the evolving market. While several banking apps have emerged in recent times, many of the available services are not particularly comprehensive enough to effectively address the concerns of users, especially international customers. However, Spondula is looking to change this narrative, as the app will be officially released soon. 

Spondula is a unique payment app designed to allow users to sign up for a personal or business online bank account in minutes, ultimately enabling them to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. The app is fast, affordable, secure, and innovative, catering to the needs of brands that have an international presence as well as individuals that are almost always on the move, helping them to take control of their finances and succeed in a dynamic digital world. 

Other features of the all-in-one banking platform include multi-lingual support with 10 languages to break any communication barrier, support of up to 37 currencies, latest security protocols to protect customers from any form of cybercrimes, and issuance of a multi-currency card for business and personal accounts for international transactions to over 180 countries. 

There are also plans to update the app with exciting features, such as credit lines, blockchain gold, insurance, and QR codes. 

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