Midwest Tropical: How to Keep the Water Clean in Water Wall Feature

At Midwest Tropical, our water wall feature, indoor wall water features, waterfall elevator or curtain waterfall add a touch of elegance and comfort to our home gardens, patios, terraces, or gardens. Although a water wall feature is easy to maintain, the inevitable accumulation of dirt, debris, and algae means that we have to be aware of regularly cleaning the fountain, protecting and keeping your water clean for as long as possible. In each water wall feature, it will be different, depending on the area in which it is located or have the font installed.

Midwest Tropical shares some useful tips to easily and effectively keep the indoor wall water features clean and easy to maintain.

1. Disconnect the pump from the fountain.

This process will help eliminate the possibility of electric shock while handling it. Flush and drain the water from your source and remove the motor cover to remove the pump.

2. The pump and its cleaning.

Clean around the pump ports with a toothbrush soaked in mild or neutral detergent to remove any debris, dirt, or algae. Rinse the pump under a tap to remove excess soap and rinse with plenty of water. Let the pump air dry before putting the cover on the motor.

3. Pour, dump, and empty the water from the inside of the fountain.

To carry out this task, you can use a special water suction vacuum cleaner to completely remove the remaining water.

An idea to facilitate this activity of completely emptying the water from our fountain is when installing it, leaving a drain in the lower part of the plate to help us with this work.

DIY clean the curtain Waterfall

Remove any pebbles or stones from the bottom of the Water Wall Feature, in case you had added these types of stones to give a different touch to the decoration of your fountain and clean them in water with a neutral detergent. Shake the stones to remove hidden debris. Rinse the stones thoroughly to remove any soap residue.

With water replacements, be sure to add long-lasting protective agents, such as cleaning enzymes or chlorine to the water. We have to pay special attention to one aspect when changing this method and using a few drops of bleach or even vinegar to keep the water clean for longer.

Keep in mind that this last method could be harmful both for the plants, in case of splashes from the Curtain Waterfall fountain, and for domestic animals that could drink from the water that we had in the different dishes of the fountain or even, if it had, a pond. Take extreme precautions in case of using this last method.

Cleaning the Waterfall Elevator

  • Wash the inside of the Waterfall Elevator with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and detergent.
  • Use a calcium lime remover if hard water deposits have built up inside the fountain.
  • Thoroughly clean the interior and rinse with a hose to remove any lime or soap residue.

Assemble the Water Wall Feature again

  • Place your Water Wall Feature in its original position; add the rocks and stones that you previously removed for cleaning.
  • Fill the indoor water wall features with new, clean water.
  • Add the pump and reconnect it to renew the circulation of the water in your Water Wall Feature and its operation.
  • Once a year you have to seriously consider deep cleaning your indoor water wall features.

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