Araz Jahani Releases Book “Everyday Cuba for Non-Cubans: Beyond the Resort Cliché” to Rave Reviews

Araz Jahani Releases Book "Everyday Cuba for Non-Cubans: Beyond the Resort Cliché" to Rave Reviews

““Author and Toronto based… aiming to move past stereotypical tourist images.” – Araz Jahani”
“Everyday Cuba for Non-Cubans: Beyond the Resort Cliché” is a perspective on contemporary Cuban society, struggles, and opportunities for economic growth. Available now on Amazon.

New York, NY, USA – June 11, 2021 – What happens when you venture outside the boundaries of a pre-packaged travel experience and truly expose yourself to the history, economics, and culture of a country other than your own?

Author Araz Jahani is familiar with the Cuban cliché, “Decaying colonial architecture, soulful salsa dancing, refreshing cocktails by the seaside — paradise, in a nutshell.” Jahani also shares a superficial understanding of Cuba’s troubled political history and economic struggles over the last decades. For Jahani, that superficial knowing was not enough and he continued researching and learning. His efforts resulted in the release of his book, “Everyday Cuba for Non-Cubans: Beyond the Resort Cliché” published by Trulysis Inc. (January 26, 2021).

About the Book

This Cuba book touches on the following topics:

• How life in Cuba is for the Cuban people outside of the Cuban resorts
• How do the economic problems relate to Cuba Vacations and Cuba travelers
• Problems related to the Cuban Tourism sector in places such as Havana, Holguin, Varadero, Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa Maria
• A brief overview of Cuban History, and the Cuban Independence movement
• Realities the current economic problems related to Cuban Healthcare, Cuban Tourism, and Cuban Food and  Energy supply
• Cuba Sanctions, Embargo (Bloqueo) and Cuban Economy
• Cuban Economic recovery opportunities through, Cuban Production, Cuban Export, Cuban Agriculture and Cuban Agritech, Cuban Technology, and Artificial Intelligence in Cuba.

Armed with nothing but vague assumptions and a desire to flee the inclement Canadian weather, Jahani first ventured to Cuba in 2004 and has since been unable to stay away. Jahani says, “Each trip to the island has revealed how truly little we understand about the day-to-day struggles of Cuban people, the role tourism plays in perpetuating biased views about it as a destination, and the challenges new generations must face as they reshape their country’s future.”

In Everyday Cuba for Non-Cubans,” Jahani has captured his first-hand experiences exploring the island and befriending its people. He offers a blueprint to new travelers wishing to have what he had: a life-changing adventure beyond the resort walls, beyond the preconceptions, into the heart and soul of a Cuba that, out of comfort, ignorance, or neglect, very few of us ever see. “If you ever catch yourself fantasizing about the real Cuba and hope to turn your fantasy into a real adventure, this book is the place to start,” Jahani says.


“Cuba is still a country of mystery and allure. I have a fascination with Cuba, so I jumped at the opportunity to read this book. The author does a great job of presenting not only a fact-based assessment of their economic and political systems but also the perspectives of the people on their lives in an isolated country. Every day Cuba for non-Cubans is i very interesting read. If you have an interest in the everyday lives of the Cuban people outside the vacation resorts, their culture, government, and history you will enjoy this book. It is well-written and informative.”Amak Oujani

“This book is very good for those that are looking to learn more about the island that is apparently stuck in time.”Dainier M.

“I have always been fascinated by Cuba, but as an American, I’ve never been able to travel there yet. This book has opened my eyes to Cuba as a nation and has given me an insight about Cubans that I would not have been able to get as someone who hasn’t traveled there yet. I liked the author’s comprehensive approach in describing Cuban’s lives beyond the resorts that most tourists get to see. The potential business opportunities and the artistic nature of what Cuba and Cubans have to offer to the outside world were very appealing to me. I think everyone interested in this country should read this book before traveling there. Can’t wait to get out there soon.”Ramin Ojani


Araz Jahani is a Technology Leader in the field of Software Management Consulting with years of experience in Telecom, Energy, and Banking. He holds an Executive MBA from the Rotman School of Management from the University of Toronto, as well as a BA and MA in Computer Engineering from the University of Ottawa and the University of Guelph, respectively, having published multiple conference papers in this field. Jahani is an avid traveler. During the past ten years, he has visited over 21 countries in order to learn about different cultures, experience different cuisines, and understand the underlying economic issues that shape each destination. He is an advocate for working remotely as a way to explore different cultures while maintaining a steady income. Since his first trip in 2004, Jahani has visited Cuba numerous times, acquiring an in-depth understanding of Cuban social, cultural, and economic dynamics. His interest goes far beyond economics, however. He enjoys Cuban food, and his list of favorites includes plátanos maduros fritos, congrí, and Ropa Vieja. When in La Habana, he enjoys his afternoon coffee at Plaza San Francisco or Plaza Vieja, and his morning run around the Malecón. When in Holguín, he meets with friends in Parque Calixto García. He can also be found enjoying a refreshing drink on the beaches of Guardalavaca or Cayo Guillermo.

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