Natural Reanimation Device for the Modern Human Body – Moshe Kohenov

Natural Reanimation Device for the Modern Human Body - Moshe Kohenov

“Moshe Kohenov”
About a new book in the print, especially for lockdown times, Peripheral Exercising, Medicine of the Future By Moshe Kohenov

In an age when our bodies degenerate, since everything is done by pushing buttons, Moshe Kohenov’s book, Peripheral Exercising, Medicine of the Future, offer an exercising technique allowing us to prepare for future challenges to our body. In an interview with Netanel Semrik, founder and CEO of Nontento Now Publishing House, he has a good new. Namely, we can exercise even now, when we are locked down, with no need of gyms or fitness equipment.

Peripheral Exercising, Medicine of the Future addresses the degenerating effects of technology on human body, resulting from the disappearance of everyday physical labor and activity. It started as early as the First Industrial Revolution, and its current climax is our addiction to smart phones and screens. 

Q: What is the unique advantage of Peripheral Exercising?             

A: The main purpose of this technique is improving the bodily system performance by forcing the blood to flow into the body peripheral zones, and making improvements such as increasing heart and lung endurance, mental performance, boosting morale, improving complexion, raising energy levels, increasing fat-burning, and maintaining normal heart rate. It is actually a preventive medicine, anticipating future health issues and maintaining the normal functioning of vital organs such as your heart, lungs, brains, and joints.

Q: Is this technique suitable for modern way of life?

A: Definitely. Everyone can practice it regularly, with no need of any equipment, anywhere and anytime. It suits men and women of all ages, from teenagers to the elderly, amateur as well as professional athletes. Every session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, and the effects can be noticed within three months.

Q: How can it improve our brain’s performance?

A: The major point of this technique is making movements that will force the blood flow from the heart to the extremities and back, in order to deny the heart “excessive rest” and thus regulate its rate. This blood flow, across the middle line of the body helps you exercise both halves of your brain, in order to improve mental sharpness and performance.

Q: Why did you call your technique Medicine of the Future? 

A: Because these exercises can prevent illnesses related to physical, emotional and mental degeneration, such as cardiac or respiratory issues, by building up a robust body capable of overcoming disease. Whoever starts practicing my technique will enjoy a good quality of life even in a very old age.

In the future, Moshe Kohenov wants to combine the Peripheral Exercising technique with a wearable technology and an app enabling to monitor the exercisers’ state of health.

Moshe Kohenov is the author of Kohenov’s Method, Israel’s First Complete Body Building Guide. For more than forty years, he has been writing on fitness and health, as well as coaching and training people on health. As a fitness and bodybuilding instructor, he has been training Israeli Army’s Special Forces, as well as giving lectures and workshops on his technique.

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