Captivate Dental Offers Top-Quality Dentist Services in Moorabbin, Victoria

Captivate Dental Offers Top-Quality Dentist Services in Moorabbin, Victoria

Moorabbin, VIC – Captivate Dental, through its revamped orthodontics program, has grown to be a leading preventative dental health service provider in Moorabbin and its surrounding areas. While orthodontic problems may not seem to pose much immediate danger or harm to overall health, they remain a dental issue that must be resolved sooner rather than later. This is because they run from anywhere between misaligned teeth to misaligned jaws and they cause both immediate and long impact problems in patients. Captivate Dental can diagnose and provide personalized treatments to all orthodontic problems in patients of all ages.

The dentist Moorabbin understands that a lot of patients have a fear of dental procedures and works to alleviate them as much as possible. For starters, the entire procedure is laid out before starting so the patient knows exactly what’s in store. They also provide the patients with options where available so they’re able to pick the one they’re most comfortable with. Minimally invasive procedures coupled with the use of anaesthetics also complement this approach.

Having crooked teeth can bring about serious confidence issues in patients, yet it is an easily addressable problem. Thanks to Captivate Dental’s expertise, patients in Moorabbin who have crooked teeth can have them aligned through the minimally-invasive placement of metal braces. For extra comfort in patients, the dental clinic can also provide thin braces.

The team at Captivate Dental understands that most orthodontic problems have far-reaching effects, particularly confidence-wise among patients. Crooked or misaligned teeth can negatively impact a patient’s life, and the team is always ready to help them regain their lives by giving them the perfect smile. For this, they work with traditional braces or Inviaslign according to each patient’s preferences and requirements. 

Over the years, patients have relied on the dentist Moorabbin for solutions to other orthodontic problems such as having wide gaps between teeth, overbites and improper bites, poor speech and chewing ability, misaligned tooth tips, misaligned jaws, among others. Captivate Dental’s experts always come up with personalized treatments that are designed to address every patient’s specific needs.

The Captivate Dental team understands that while dental health is paramount, it can be an expensive undertaking for some patients. This is why preventative dentistry forms a significant part of their practice. By educating patients on the best preventative dentistry practices, the clinic hopes to reduce dental problems, saving them money that would otherwise be required for expensive yet preventable dental problems down the road.

More information about Captivate Dental’s services can be obtained from their website. For inquiries or to book an appointment, patients can get in touch with a representative at (03) 9553 1249. The dental clinic is located at 46 Station Street, Moorabbin, VIC, 3189, AU.

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