AVA Entertainment Launches 4K Quality Broadcast On Nilesat

Kurdish art and entertainment outfit, AVA Entertainment, becomes the first Iraqi TV channel that broadcast with 4K quality at Nilesat

AVA Entertainment, otherwise known as Audio Video Advertisement Entertainment Company, is staying true to their commitment to taking the Kurdish entertainment experience to a whole a new level through their captivating content. In a related development, the company has made history by becoming the first Iraqi TV channel to broadcast with 4K quality at Nilesat. Consequently, more people in different parts of the world can enjoy quality content with the best possible viewing experience.  

There is an increasing demand for content in the Kurdish dialects of Sorani and Kurmanci, as more people seek entertainment in their preferred languages. Consequently, several platforms have emerged in recent times to meet the growing and diverse of the Kurdish entertainment market. Unfortunately, many of such platforms do not provide the quality desired by the audience in terms of the picture and content. However, the team of forward-thinking professionals at AVA Entertainment is poised with changing this narrative with the 4K quality broadcast further reiterating this position. 

AVA Entertainment has mastered the art of breaking new grounds by leveraging the latest technologies in the industry to deliver a unique experience to as many people as possible worldwide. The company offers programs across different categories, with its comprehensiveness and quality of content making AVA Entertainment the go-to source for Kurdish entertainment content. 

AVA Entertainment has developed several products in its last two years of broadcasting, all of which are available on the website - https://avaentertainment.net/en. AVA Entertainment also has a relatively strong presence on several social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as mobile apps on Google Play and the App Store. 

About Audio Video Advertisement Entertainment Company 

AVA Entertainment (AVA TV) is a Kurdish Art and Entertainment Broadcast station based in Iraq. Launched on March 31, 2019, the company offers television programs broadcast in the Kurdish dialects of Sorani and Kurmanci, as well as English and Turkish, through digital media platforms. Headquartered in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, the company was founded by Mustafa Bayram and has grown in leaps and bounds in a relatively short while.

Media Contact
Company Name: AVA Entertainment
Contact Person: Rawand Azeez
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Address:Masif’s Old Road
City: Erbil 44001
Country: Iraq
Website: avaentertainment.net/en