Ava Entertainment Announces HD Quality Movies, TV Series, and Other Content for Kurdish Audiences Worldwide

Iraqi-based television broadcast network Ava Entertainment offers quality programs and shows in the Kurdish dialects of Sorani and Kurmanci, as well as English and Turkish for fans across the globe

Audio Video Advertisement Entertainment Company (Ava Entertainment) is proud to announce its program offering quality content for viewers. The television network broadcasts programs, sitcoms, radio programs, documentaries, and original series in the Kurdish dialects of Sorani and Kurmanci and English and Turkish.  

The broadcast station, based in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, was established to provide educative, informative, and entertaining programs that add value to society and promote Kurdish culture, civilization, and lifestyle. Fans can check out their website that delivers the latest entertainment news and features and offer detailed information about programs showing on Ava TV.  

CEO of Ava Entertainment, Mustafa Bayram, is a veteran in the film and video industry. Born in 1975, Shirnex, southeast Turkey, the exceptional and visionary leader got his film and radio education in Turkish and European higher institutions. Over the years, Mustafa has founded and ran several companies, including SVS Satellite Systems, Sahi Tech, Ori Media, Sahi Holdings, etc. On March 31, 2019, he launched Ava Entertainment with the chance to provide opportunities for imagination.  

Ava Entertainment produces and broadcasts numerous HD video quality contents for Kurdish audiences in Iraq and other parts of the world. They air talk shows, TV Series, Movies, children’s program, music videos, cooking shows, and fashion shows. They have world-class studios with the latest and best production equipment and experienced film and production staff to handle it. From the scriptwriters to the presenters, directors, producers, editors, animators, motion graphic artists, and camera operators, everyone on Ava TV is well-trained to deliver excellence in services.  

One of their most popular programs is the 81-episode Bexte Baran Drama original series produced by Ori Media Agency. It’s the story of Hama Khidir and his Kurdish security forces racing against time to neutralize a group of mafia, capturing and killing people for money and drugs. Mina Hotel is another show that people are also falling in love with. The sitcom discusses societal issues through the words and actions of humorous characters and comic actors.  

Ava TV provides many series for the fun and enjoyment of the family, including Ava Café, 8 Track, The Legend, Crash, Kuzgun, Mala Mine, and so on. Ava entertainment is available on YouTube, Live streaming on their website, and satellite.  

For more information, please visit https://avaentertainment.net/en.  

About Ava Entertainment 

Ava Entertainment is a television station offering quality entertainment for Kurdish viewers. The television network covers Entertainment events across the Greater Kurdistan area, providing unique content with HD video quality. Their website offers an interactive user interface that makes it easy for visitors to find their favourite shows.

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