OurEye Enables businesses to deploy virtual analysts through Pre-Existing CCTV cameras to ensure round the clock process compliance with its real-time AI-based video intelligence platform.

The young start-up fueled by the passion to bring cameras to life. Helps businesses to ensure complete process compliance.

OurEye has achieved high levels of success in less than one year and is set for further growth. Founded in August 2020, the real-time video analytics platform has become a major player in South East Asia and is disrupting industries with products designed to monitor Quality, Hygiene and safety across industries. Now, OurEye is set for expansion in the United States.

Based in the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, the tech startup has opened doors in the United States functioning a team out of Illinois. The founders Sourav Sanyal, Saurabh Ghanekar & Miran Junaidi are university buddies and are UC Berkeley Alumni where the spent over a year working with a lot of startup’s and finally decided to start Bringing cameras to life. In less than a year, the team has grown OurEye into a company with 20 employees and is scaling rapidly.

OurEye’s real-time platform enables businesses to be supercharged by using video analytics. The platform leverages pre-existing CCTV-IP infrastructure and monitors a variety of standard operating procedures across its industry checklists.

The platform monitors all CCTV feeds to automatically generate insights and metrics. This enforces the maintenance of standardized and custom SOPs. OurEye observes, monitors, and analyzes workplace activity and produces comprehensive metrics to promote remote auditing. The platform uses little to no human intervention or action to work. OurEye is subscription-based or software as a service (SaaS).

OurEye works with some big names in the food and retail industry already and is looking to scale and ensure businesses have access to the most powerful virtual analyst. Food & Retail industry businesses are able to provide customers with quality food preparation in hygienic kitchens by well-groomed employees courtesy of the real-time video analytics platform. With the world grappling with COVID-19, ensuring that staff and customers are safe is paramount to any business.

The real-time video analytics platform ensures workplaces post-COVID-19 remain as safe as they were pre-pandemic. OurEye is able to check employees for mask use, attendance, social distancing, and even monitors employee productivity. AI in the workplace means a business can keep an eye on employees at all times. In the end, businesses will see better productivity and customer satisfaction.

For more information on OurEye or to view a demo, please visit the company’s official website.

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