RhinoRope Launches New Website and Introduces the Best New Full-Body Home Workout Gear

The brand was created by workout fanatics who wanted faster results in a shorter time.

RhinoRope provides the most practical and rewarding way to exercise at home. It offers people the choice to workout smarter and not harder and capitalizes on the intersection of battle ropes and traditional rope skipping. Since the back, shoulders, traps and forearms work hard when people use the rope, it engages the entire body during workouts — making people feel like they have just completed a full-body training session after an intense brief RhinoRope workout.

The brand highlights Battle Rope as the star equipment for its amazing new full-body workout that helps build muscle while burning fat and is proven to improve balance and posture. This 10-meter-long weighted rope is great for all abilities, from beginners to advanced.

People use RhinoRope Battle Rope to burn calories, get lean and build muscle. Using different workout variations, it can help burn more calories than walking or running. It not only helps cut down body fat but builds strength and muscle as well.

The Battle Rope is simple enough to set up, so beginners will have no trouble using it. Anyone of all age types can use it and get fit. It’s small, making it an ideal exercise gear for an apartment, outside space or anywhere the user wants to exercise.

While its simple design makes it easier for beginners, pros can also use it for more challenging workout routines. It comes with an anchor and a strap that allows people to use it in a variety of settings. Battle Rope can become a tool for people to challenge themselves with variations of the rope exercise like waves, running waves, figure eights or any other battle rope exercises.

Accompanying the RhinoRope Battle Rope is the weighted jump rope with a durable design that comes in three sizes: The Get Fit jump rope (25 mm, 2.8 lb) Get Lean jump rope (38 mm, 5.5 lb) and Get Strong jump rope (50 mm, 8.8 lb). This jump rope exercise burns more calories per hour than running, swimming or rowing.

“This is one of the best investments I have made in exercise equipment. Pricing is very affordable. I love it,” shared Larry W., a satisfied customer.

As part of its risk-free 30 days guarantee, the website encourages users to try RhinoRope for 30 days. If they find that the ropes are not for them, they can get their money back.

RhinoRope is set to release a workout program using these ropes soon. More information can be found at http://rhinorope.co.

About RhinoRope

RhinoRope was created by two workout fanatics who wanted faster results in a shorter time.

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