Digital Wealth case study proves e-commerce clients are missing out on sales due to lack of diversity in ad spending

Digital Wealth case study proves e-commerce clients are missing out on sales due to lack of diversity in ad spending

Phoenix, AZ – June 14, 2021 – When direct to consumer (DTC) entrepreneurs think of doubling, tripling, or quadrupling growth within a few months’ time, they may think of a strong Facebook Ads strategy, full-execution email marketing, or a high volume of SMS messages to existing and potential customers.

Entrepreneurs rarely think of Google Ads as one of the most anabolic and aggressive growth methods in the e-commerce space today.

Digital Wealth MB Group is single-handedly changing the way we think of Google Ads for budding e-commerce businesses.

Led by a former e-commerce brand owner with multiple stores (and exits), Sebastian Ghiorghiu, Digital Wealth is on the cutting edge of Google Ads.

Sebastian Ghiorghiu, 22, learned just how important Google Ads were — the hard way. It wasn’t until he began implementing Google Ads for one of his e-commerce brands in 2019 that he realized he could’ve generated 30-40 percent more revenue for his personal brands in his last three years as an operator and founder.

This is the reality for most e-commerce brands in 2021 and the trend looks to continue well into the future.

Sebastian confidently stands behind the fact that e-commerce businesses that offer products that hold evergreen value to a certain audience are consistently missing out on up to 50 percent of revenue for their business.

One of Sebastian’s clients, a company that must remain confidential in order to maintain their competitive advantage offers the perfect case study in which to demonstrate what Digital Wealth has achieved on their behalf.

“This brand came to us with no Google Ads running,” explains Sebastian. “At the time, the brand was generating between $60,000-$70,000 every month. It was imperative that they began running Google Ads right away. Our goal was to begin with warm campaigns, then move to shopping campaigns and finally, cold search and display remarketing campaigns. The idea was to bring in an extra 10-20 percent of revenue from Google while remaining profitable.”

Digital Wealth’s campaign brought in impressive results and new revenue. “We set off to complete our goals for this brand, and the first month was great. We followed the plan that we made for them. We were able to generate $4,800 in revenue. A more than 299 percent return. During the following two months, we were able to interpret the data and apply our strategy to their account — slowing scaling while maintaining a high return on ad spend (ROAS),” explains Sebastian.

The data on the effect of the increased ad spend was conclusive. “In the span of 60 days, the client’s ad purchase was $26,700. The client earned $78,900 in sales based on that ad spend. A 295% return. That comes out to a 1,568% increase in ad spend while maintaining the same return on ad spend. Anyone who has ever used Facebook Ads, knows that it’s incredibly difficult to maintain a high margin of profitability when spending between $15-50K per month,” says Sebastian.  

When the results were presented to the client, they made a business decision to allocate a higher Google Ad spend and scale their account. The client invested roughly $41,000 and increased sales an astounding $115,000. A 280% return. Despite increasing their ad spend by 53% percent, Digital Wealth was able to maintain and increase profitability.

“In recent months, this client challenged us to maintain a return on ad investment above 300%,” explains Sebastian. “With the data and solid evidence, we proved to the client that we have the ability to scale their ad spend and profitability at any time, the client can now focus on bottom line profitability and supply efficiencies.  Today, Digital Wealth is managing the client’s Google Ad account at a consistent 320 percent rate of return.”

Digital Wealth is so confident in their strategic ad model that they offer clients an unheard-of guarantee in the digital ad sales industry – clients only pay for their services once their accounts are profitable. Digital Wealth charges no retainers or upfront fees, and only charges a 30% cut of the client’s ad spend.

Digital Wealth isn’t only a leader in this niche form of advertising, they also offer one of the most competitive pricing structures of any advertising agency in the industry.

E-commerce brands with current sales over $83,000 per month may qualify to work with Digital Wealth on their strategic traffic diversification system which is proven to increase revenue by 30 percent.

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