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Body Butter, Soaps, Room Deodorizers and Candles

Butta Dream manufactures body butter as well as soaps using the natural gifts of the African Karite Tree. The fruit of the Karite Tree, sometimes referred to as the tree of life, produces the shea fruit. The thin, tart nutritious pulp which surrounds an oil-rich seed is the source of shea butter. 

Alissa Jordan founded Butta Dream out of necessity. After giving birth to her daughter, Ms. Jordan began to suffer from dry skin. At around 5 months of age her daughter began to exhibit signs of eczema. As it progressed into the symptoms of topical eczema, itching, dry patches and irritability, Alissa made appointments with primary care physicians for herself and daughter. Discouraged by the lack of results from traditional Western medicinal creams, lotions and remedies, Alissa was determined to find a solution for the dry skin and eczema plaguing her daughter and herself. 

This now 29-year-old black entrepreneur began her research to find natural solutions for her dry skin and her daughter’s progressing eczema. Familiar with the natural skin creams, lotions, oils, and ointments offered by giant corporations and bespoke companies, Alissa Jordan began her quest to learn about every ingredient used in the production of body products. 

Along her journey Ms. Jordan discovered Vitellaria paradoxa formerly known as Butyrospermum parkii, and more commonly known in Africa as the Shi Tree or Shea Tree. Shea butter is extracted from the oil rich seed of the Shea Tree fruit. In its natural habitat the Shea Tree is coveted for its rich fat content in times of draught and hunger. The composition of shea butter consists of five principal fatty acids. 

After thoroughly researching shea butter and learning about its bioavailability and antioxidant properties, Ms. Jordan began the arduous process of formulating an all-natural shea-based body butter. Researching the benefits of selected oils, minerals and vitamin compounds the final Butta Dream Body Butter was soon a reality. Fine tuning the proportions of selected oils and using personal observation on herself and willing extended family members, Ms. Jordan used feedback and observation to fine tune the exact percentages of each ingredient before it was ready for production. 

First and foremost, the original final formulation of Butta Dream Body Butter healed her dry skin and stopped the itching and scratching of her daughter’s eczema. Feedback from family and friends was convincing, those who suffered from minor skin irritations, eczema and dry skin were amazed at the results. Others who were not afflicted by skin problems were delighted by the soft, subtle, evenly moist texture, silken feel, and their even complexion.  

Satisfied with the composition of the natural ingredients and their affect on skin Alissa Jordan began the production process. She developed and currently offers for sale through the 24/7 website of Four 100% naturally scented Body Butters and four uniquely fragrant crafted soaps. 

Ms. Jordan, a black female entrepreneur who is bucking traditional body creams and soaps produced with unreadable ingredients,  commented on the process that brought Butta Dream into existence, “After many renditions of mixing together many selected oils, with different kinds of body butters and oils, fine-tuning the percentages used, along with continually researching the benefits of each chosen ingredient, I was satisfied with a formula and I was elated with joy that my family and I started getting results on our skin!. After seeing there was a need for natural products, I created a 100% soy wax candle line and an all-natural line of room and linen fragrances that is available at”

Butta Dream is currently available exclusively online at their website 24/7 hosted on the Shopify Platform. For convenience and to service everyone, Butta Dream accepts ten different payment options including major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and more. Butta Dream offers an opt-in email service for updates, coupons, specials, and new product introductions.

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