MMA legend Khabib Nurmagomedov secures 100% ownership of Fitroo brand for $200 million

One of the most highly regarded athletes in the world, Russian mixed martial arts (MMA) legend Khabib Nurmagomedov, has announced he has secured 100% ownership of top sports nutrition brand Fitroo for $200 million.

“I look forward to continuing this venture in bringing the best protein bars, cookies, and other products under the brand. At the heart of this endeavor is supporting the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass among athletes,” Khabib said in an interview.

Fitroo founder and company president Leonid Katz and Fitroo Vice President Itzhak Shitrit have sold their parts to Khabib as they plan to start a new brand in September 2021. The new brand is named “Good!es,” which seeks to produce snacks and cornflakes.

Fitroo was established in September 2020, with Leonid Katz himself making it a 200-million dollar company in less than a year.

Khabib is a Russian MMA promoter and retired professional mixed martial artist. He notably competed in the lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he was the longest-reigning UFC Lightweight Champion. 

Khabib holds a record of 29 wins and no losses. He earned victories over some well-known fighters, including Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, and Rafael dos Anjos.

“Our high-protein, low-sugar bars serve as go-to products for athletes looking to maintain lean muscle while satisfying their cravings. This journey is always aimed at bringing nutritious, on-the-go options for millions of athletes out there,” Khabib explained.

Fitroo is designed for a wide audience and is available in large retail chains. It features several varieties of protein bars that come with different flavors, including vanilla cookies, banana, and chocolate cheesecake. It also includes protein cookies that are an excellent option for athletes seeking to sustain their healthy lifestyle. 

“Fitroo by Khabib sought to revolutionize the sports nutrition market by bringing high-quality protein bars that are great for pre or post-workout snacks, traveling, or simply a snack to maintain healthy blood sugar levels during athletes’ busy days,” Katz, for his part, explained.

“At the time, we wanted to come up with a brand that would fuel the day of our athletes through premium protein bars. It has been one the most popular brands in the past year, and we’re happy to have delivered the results,” Katz added.

Katz said as they scale up efforts to launch their new company in September this year, “Good!es” is poised to approach over a billion dollars in just two years.

“We have made it possible for Fitroo, and the company is in very good hands with Khabib at the helm. Now, we’re pushing to carve out even bigger space for Good!es as we continue to transform and redefine the business,” Katz stressed. 

“Good!es” is set to bring the ultimate breakfast of protein and vegan products, Katz said, providing millions of consumers a great option to enjoy healthy snacks.

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