Everything Wiki Seeks Moderators in its Mission to Create a Database of Everything

The site will build on Wikipedia’s model to create a database of everything, no matter how small, and create value for moderators through cryptocurrency.

14 June, 2021 – Imagine an encyclopedia where that included full pages of information on every topic or business in the world, no matter how small or remote. Everything|Wiki has taken on the ambitious project of creating such an encyclopedia and is currently looking for moderators anywhere in the world to help make it happen. Moderators will be able to write articles on any topic they want and will benefit from the exchange by earning points, which will later be converted to cryptocurrency. Everything|Wiki will also offer bonus payments to the most active moderators based on the number of articles they create and edit.

Everything|Wiki is building on the successful model of Wikipedia to create a free encyclopedia that offers even more information and value to its community. The platform is not owned by any individual and is instead run by a community of independent moderators and supporters looking to create something good for the world. Everything|Wiki is focused on creating a space where anyone can find information on anything, without the limits of exclusive information and one-sided reporting.

In terms of moderators, Everything|Wiki is looking for anyone interested in writing articles on any topic. Moderators can even write on obscure topics or small businesses in remote locations. Everything|Wiki is not limited to well-known topics and establishments and believes that everyone and every project should be highlighted online. They are also looking for any company interested in listing their business on Everything|Wiki to get more exposure.

The Everything|Wiki platform will provide additional value for their community by giving consumers an opportunity to read about any store, restaurant, or business before they visit. Users will be able to read a description of the business, as well as ratings and comments left by other users. This will also help the business by providing them space online to showcase their services and community impact. Companies will also be able to get verified with the Everything|Wiki seal to create more security for their customers.

Everything|Wiki’s cryptocurrency is upcoming and will allow moderators, writers, and community members a chance to earn revenue for the platform. Before the launch of the coin, moderators will receive compensation in points, which will convert into up to 20% more coins when the currency launches. Everything|Wiki will pay more per article as their platform gears up, in order to build a strong community. Members will also be able to earn profits through buying the Everything|Wiki coin.

Everything|Wiki is harnessing the power of cryptocurrency to create a free knowledge base for the entire world. With their platform, there are no longer any gatekeepers, and no need for free labor to create a base of knowledge for the world.

More information on Everything|Wiki can be found on the Everything|Wiki website.

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