Jason Hanif Talks the New HQ for THE-LOWDOWN Group

Jason Hanif Talks the New HQ for THE-LOWDOWN Group

As the only co-founder on the managing board of a prominent automotive lifestyle brand and business; Jason Hanif wants to invest in ensuring that his team has a state of the art office space to enhance business functionality and growth at TRN House. Starting June of 2021, THE-LOWDOWN Group’s workplace is set to get even better.

What is TRN House?

Located in Sydney, Australia, TRN House is a A-Grade office complex that encompasses a large space and environment for employees of THE-LOWDOWN Group. Located in Oran Park, TRN House is the first of its kind in an accelerated growth area.

Mr Hanif still plans to use the warehouse that THE-LOWDOWN Group currently occupies, but most of their central business will take place from the comfort of their new TRN House offices. With so many features to promote and to encourage workplace zen, this move only makes sense.

Besides the amazing views from the roof, which has a garden, the atrium is open and inviting to clients and employees alike. For employees, getting to work was kept in mind as the TRN House is centrally located for easy transportation.

Whether they walk from the nearby train station or bike, on-site showers and bike storage make this a wonderful work concept. With various workspaces throughout the complex, the goals of expanding business by securing more clients and team-building is almost assured.

Plans For the Future

Reaching over 5,000,000 people a month organically through THE-LOWDOWN.com, and working with multinational brands through The-Lowdown Agency, THE-LOWDOWN Group is on a continued growth trajectory.

In addition to the brand, the business and the move, THE-LOWDOWN Group is also in the process of modifying a host of cars including an Audi RS 6 Avant with their “traditional treatment.” With a limited number of the RS 6 Avants released in Australia, Mr Hanif is excited for the brand to get their hands on one.

“We’re honoured to receive one of the new Audi RS 6 Avant models,” he said, adding that they would be partnering with some of the biggest manufacturers in the automotive field for the project. Obviously, THE-LOWDOWN Group is looking to set the highest bar.

To go along with their plans by adding an interactive element, the Group intends on making a miniseries on their instagram detailing their work on the vehicle and the adventure that comes with it. There will also be a 2-part documentary released following the project’s end.

If you want to keep up with Project RS 6, you can follow THE-LOWDOWN Group’s instagram at https://www.instagram.com/thelowdown. To keep up with co-founder Jason Hanif, you can also follow him at https://www.instagram.com/tld.jason/.

With the TRN House being such a huge expansion of THE-LOWDOWN Group’s business, Jason Hanif and his team are set for a great workplace environment and serious growth moving forward!

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