ISU Corp Awarded The 2021 Canadian Business Excellence Award

ISU Corp Awarded The 2021 Canadian Business Excellence Award
Four years in a row, ISU Corp, a brilliant custom software solution company, has been awarded the Canadian Business Excellence Award. Their dedication and innovation defied the odds in one of the most difficult years and are excited to bring their expertise to the world.

Based in Kitchener, Ontario, David Mansilla founded ISU Corp as a tech start-up. Today, it has grown and evolved tremendously into a software solutions enterprise that provides a variety of services from Web Design to App Development.

The Canadian Business Excellence Award recognizes businesses of many different industries. These businesses display success through continuously improving their performance through strategic planning and achieving their goals. ISU Corp does this in many ways, from improving the quality of their services as technology evolves, to understanding the environment and gaining a competitive advantage through cloud-based technology. Hence, ISU Corp is very well deserving of this award. However, there is a criterion that each business has to meet.

How ISU Corp Fits the Award Criteria

The committee at the Canadian Business Excellence Award evaluates businesses based on three key areas. This includes Delighted Customers, Engaged Employees, and Innovation.

As ISU is focused on increasing the net profits of their clients, consumers are very attracted to this goal. ISU Corp is repeatedly striving to achieve well above the industry standard, leaving clients to be more satisfied than if they did not choose ISU Corp for their software needs.

Moreover, at ISU Corp, there is a specially selected team of IT professionals working collaboratively. This team has a vast understanding of not only business software solutions but also technological innovation.

Additionally, innovation is a very strong suit for ISU Core. They are able to adapt to new trends quickly and easily as well as use exceptionally revolutionary custom software such as the cloud platform.

What’s Next for ISU Corp?

It is quite evident that the services ISU Corp currently provides are very successful. The team works together to achieve the many goals the company sets out. Taking these efficient skills, the team is working on an extension of ISU Corp called RealStory Marketing to provide their services to a broader range of companies who wish to shape their market and target the right audience. ISU Corp continues to take their clients’ needs to a new level and will continue to do so with RealStoryMarketing as well.

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