O’Brien Protected Financial Helps Individuals Secure Their Assets for an Easy Retirement

The firm offers helpful retirement services that can help people live more happily in their golden years.

When individuals are fast approaching retirement, their main concerns often involve financial worries. Some even fear that Social Security with 401K’s and IRA’s alone won’t be enough to sustain their lifestyle. O’Brien Protected Financial knows exactly how these financial concerns affect retirees and offers several very helpful services that can protect and guarantee their income in retirement.

The firm effectively conveys this message to its clients: Protecting their retirement does not have to be complicated. O’Brien Protected Financial’s good guidance and counsel will help them be financially confident in their golden years.

Their services include Retirement Consulting that advises retirees as they plan their retirement. There is an option that provides Guaranteed Lifetime Income that helps supplement retirees’ social security and pension with additional guaranteed income. They also offer Long Term Care planning as well as Medicare planning services, which helps retirees navigate the tricky web of Medicare using the firm’s knowledge and expertise as a guide.

“The most crucial part of your retirement plan is determining how much income you will have at your retirement age, that is the number one mistake retirees make when deciding if they can retire comfortably. Why leave that to chance?” shared Matthew O’Brien, president and CEO of O’Brien Protected Financial, as he addressed the importance of retirement income consulting.

O’Brien has been helping people secure their retirement since 1992. He and his firm aim to provide their clients with the assurance that they will retire with comfort, confidence and certainty.

More information can be found at https://obrienprotectedfinancial.com/.

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O’Brien Protected Financial is dedicated to providing retirees and pre-retirees with real service, clear numbers and thorough advice to help them make the right choice for their retirement.

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