China International Forum on Agricultural Brand Development and Food Safety of Agricultural Products held in Beijing

To further improve food safety, stimulate the endogenous power of high-quality agricultural brands and help the rural revitalization strategy, the China International Forum on Agricultural Brand Development and Food Safety of Agricultural Products, co-organized by China Food News, Beijing Huaxia Shiwuyou E-Commerce Co., Ltd and undertaken by Beijing Lanmiao Culture Media Co., Ltd, was held in Beijing on World Food Safety Day. With the theme of “Guarding the safety of the food and helping to revitalize the countryside”, the forum invited leaders of relevant departments, experts in the field of food safety and representatives of enterprises to discuss the trends and potentials of China’s agricultural development and to build a “food safety dream” together.

Food safety is a common issue for all countries in the world. In 2018, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring June 7 of each year as World Food Safety Day to promote food safety issues.

Strengthen the foundation of food safety at the source

Food safety is a national project and a project of the people’s livelihood. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the food safety sector has thoroughly implemented the “four strictest” requirements. The food industry has developed rapidly; the safety standard system has been gradually improved; the inspection and testing capacity has been continuously improved; the whole process supervision system has been basically established; major food safety risks have been controlled; the people’s food safety has been guaranteed. A solid foundation has been laid for the basic modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity in the field of food safety by 2035.

“When we talk about food safety, we naturally associate it with having enough to eat and having a good meal, and having enough to eat depends on quantity while having a good meal depends on quality,” said Huang Kaichen, Chairman of Beijing Huaxia Shiwuyou E-commerce Co., Ltd. He suggests that food safety should be ensured by “small incision” to promote “big common governance”. As an ecological food safety technology service platform, Beijing Shiwuyou has been actively practicing the national food safety strategy, collaborating with credible verification agencies, traceability agencies and insurance agencies in the industry to build a whole industry chain food safety system from farm to table and guarantee the food safety of consumers since its establishment.  

Nianxin, the deputy editor-in-chief of China Food News, said that we must adhere to the four strictest requirements to protect the people’s “safety on the tip of the tongue”. “China Food News, as a professional media in the food industry, will always bear in mind that food is the paramount necessity of the people, and the food safety is the first priority and plays a supervisory role while using the advantages of all-media communication to build a service platform and contribute media power to maintain food safety and promote the development of the industry,” he stated.

“Safety is the benchmark of food, and agriculture is the root of food,” said Lin Xin, the CEO of the Beijing Huaxia Shiwuyou Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. He proposed that the source of food is in agriculture, and only when agricultural products are safe, the food safety is guaranteed. Ren Xingzhou, former director of the Market Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, also expressed the same view. “Improving the quality of the supply of agricultural products is the key to achieving food safety,” said Ren Xingzhou, “China is a large agricultural country, and the biggest function of agriculture is to solve the basic life problem of feeding people.”     

Looking for a way to strengthen the agriculture and make farmers rich through brands

If the quality of protection is the fundamental, creating a brand is the way. China has entered a new era of agriculture, and the development of agriculture moves in the direction of branding, which is inseparable from the people’s increasing demand for food safety and healthy living and is bound to be the future long-term development trend.

“Do not have to pick one by one and customers can be assured to buy and eat with a glance. This is the power of the brand.” said Ren Xingzhou, “promoting the branding of agricultural products is an inherent requirement to promote agricultural modernization and achieve high-quality agricultural development; it is an urgent requirement to meet people’s demand for high-quality agricultural products and deepen the supply-side structural reform and optimize the structure of agricultural products; it is an objective requirement to speed up the construction of a new development pattern and expand consumer demand and promote the large domestic cycle; it is a necessary requirement to promote food safety from the source; it is a realistic requirement to enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese agricultural products.”

Zhao Chunlei proposed that product quality credit can be used as a link between quality and safety, and brand creation, linking quality and brand. “Improving quality is to enhance credibility; enhancing credibility is to enhance the brand; enhancing the brand is to obtain benefits, which will stimulate the initiative and motivation of producers and promote the transformation of China’s agricultural production methods from yield-oriented to quality-oriented.” 

Define the goal and forge the “backbone” of rural revitalization 

Industrial prosperity is the “backbone” of rural revitalization. With quality assurance as the basis and brand building as the way, promoting high-quality development of agriculture can provide strong support for the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization. 

As a country with a large population, agricultural development has always been the basis of people’s livelihood and the foundation of stable economic and social development. From winning the battle against poverty to comprehensively promoting the revitalization of the countryside, the focus of the “three rural issues” has undergone a historic shift during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. Feng, the former editor-in-chief of the Economic Daily, said that only by stabilizing the foundation, building pillars, creating brands and increasing benefits can we promote the stable development of agriculture and increase farmers’ income.

“The implementation of rural revitalization strategy is a major decision of the Party and the State as China’s economy and society enter a new stage of development, and industrial development can activate the pool of spring water for rural revitalization,” said Huang Kaichen, “Enterprises should actively undertake the obligation of revitalizing the countryside. In the great practice of helping the industry thrive and rural revitalization, we will strive to explore a worry-free ecological model of food safety with Chinese characteristics, deeply cultivate the special agricultural industry, focus on industry and finance thinking, help farmers achieve industrial prosperity, and in the future, will go further to make the marketing of special agricultural products and food products stronger, and help agricultural products and food enterprises to quickly move towards the road of industry and finance. We will help the whole agricultural industry chain upgrade and contribute to the prosperity of industry and rural revitalization.”

To further help rural revitalization, the forum was dedicated to the promotion of special products. The staff of the Bureau of Commerce of Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, promoted the local special agricultural products.

Yang Tianhao, the CEO of Strategic Operations of Beijing Huaxia Shiwuyou E-commerce Co., Ltd. introduced the “Top Ten Special Agricultural Industries and High Quality Products.”

The theme dialogues such as “New Pattern of Rural Revitalization Empowered by Technology” and “Food Safety Solutions in China” were held to contribute wisdom and gather strength for the high-quality development of the industry.  

In addition, the forum also held the “Huaxia Great Love Charity Donation Ceremony”, in which Beijing Huaxia Shiwuyou E-commerce Co., Ltd. donated materials to Siyuan Experimental Primary School in Xide County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The teachers of the school, Jiri Wusha, Aniu Aya and two students accepted the donation on behalf of the school and sent pictures and Yi lacquerware as gifts in return. Huang Kaichen said that children are the future of the nation, and Beijing Shiwuyou hoped to contribute its pygmy efforts to provide some help to the children and contribute to the revitalization of the countryside.

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