Go.cam revolutionizes the cybersecurity industry after introducing a reliable age verification system

Go.cam is taking innovation to the next level by introducing an age verification system aimed at improving cybersecurity.

Go.cam said this is a response to the government’s demand for security by providing a simple and easy-to-use application. It allows users to check the age of the person who wishes to access certain sites prohibited to those under 18s with one click.

“An age verification system is crucial as it introduces stringent checks to stop exposure to harmful content online. Go.cam assures that no personal data is collected for maximum privacy,” a company representative said in a statement.

Leveraging artificial intelligence

Go.cam uses the smartphone or computer camera to assess the age of the Internet user using artificial intelligence. 

Artificial Intelligence uses an automated identity verification to develop a more reliable age verification system without any human help. It provides a high-functionality system that offers a frictionless verification process for internet users. 

“Artificially intelligent solutions are quicker, more secure, and faster. It can detect a person’s face, and it can help assess if someone is using a picture of a picture or a picture of the screen,” the representative said.

If the age detected is correct, the person can continue to browse. If, on the contrary, the age detected is too close to the legal age (18 years in France), then the second means of verification will be requested.

“All you need to do is take a picture of your ID (CNI, passport, or driver’s license) with your webcam or the phone’s camera. Only the parts of the identity document which concern the photo and the date of birth will be used,” the representative explained.

No risk of hacking

Go.cam assured that nothing is transmitted or stored, and once the verification is done, the data stored locally in the phone or computer memory is erased.

“The good thing about this service is that it does not use any personal data. No risk of hacking or data leaks on the web,” the representative explained.

Go.cam guarantees that the age verification system does not carry any risk that could lead to vast amounts of sensitive personal data being stolen or exposed.

“The system does not collect any data during recognition processing and does not keep any trace of it,” the representative stressed.

Information processing is carried out locally on the device where the Go.cam site is open. This operation guarantees Internet users perfect confidentiality and total respect for their privacy. 

No tracking cookie will be installed on the device, whether it is the smartphone or the computer. 

Go.cam said it has pushed to introduce the system at a crucial time when most companies are looking to collect personal information to use for marketing.

“It is extremely timely that companies and governments leverage the potential of an age verification system for consumer authentication. Several e-commerce websites and government offices have already started to step into the age-verification future,” the representative added.

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