Modula Milano Designs a Backpack with Limitless Possibilities

Milano System is composed of modules which can be adapted to the user’s everyday needs

MILAN – June 15, 2021 – Milano System has launched on Kickstarter, offering a brand-new concept of backpack designed for everyday life. With its modular urban design, this backpack meets all the needs of a life on the go. Since the modules can be redesigned according to the user’s program and commitments, Milano System offers a reliable packing solution for all moments and activities of the day.

Most urban nomads spend their days commuting between home and the office, work and the gym, or riding a bicycle to get to a co-working space and then going out to dine with friends. In short, urban nomads live their lives to the fullest. However, their daily activities often require an excessive load or the use of many different bags, one for each need. Milano System was designed to help these people bring all their essentials along with them, wherever they go.

“Our story began in Milan, the city that inspired us,” says Modula Milano CEO Dario Ruggeri. “We have combined our nomadic spirit with the desire to create products that encourage people to embrace a dynamic lifestyle. Our performance backpacks will adapt to any situation, allowing you to unleash your cosmopolitan soul and live every day to the fullest. One backpack to offer limitless possibilities.”

Milano System combines the excellence of Italian craftsmanship with innovation through the selection of high-performance technical materials. Whether one is traveling to the office, going to the gym or simply walking around the city, Milano System will adapt with a simple click. By combining different modules, which can be easily attached and detached from the core pack, Milano System accommodates continuous customization. This feature makes it a life companion with an evergreen design.

This backpack is designed to last a lifetime. The materials are high-performing and sustainable, made by local companies whose production has a lower environmental impact. The design incorporates the same CORDURA® nylon fibers and fabrics used in military equipment to create a product which is water-repellent, and resistant to tears, scratches and abrasions. Inspired by the urban environment, this innovative and versatile backpack boasts a minimalist design with clean and elegant lines.

Milano System offers an innovative solution for urban nomads who rely on an easy-to-use packing system. In fact, the product has received so much support that it achieved the Kickstarter goal in less than a week. Additionally, Modula Milano was awarded the Golden A’ Design Award in the Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Category by the International Design Academy.

This backpack is perfect for people who are always on the move and need a reliable and resistant modular packing system. Milano System is guaranteed to fuel daily adventures while enduring water, temperature and time.

About Modula Milano

Modula Milano is a Milanese startup that produces modular backpacks and accessories for urban nomads. Milano System is the first Premium collection which offers a range of products conceived to meet the needs of urban nomads in the main smart cities in the world.






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