Family Healthcare Now Available Including Medication. No Copay, No Deductibles, and No Insurance.

Family Healthcare Now Available Including Medication. No Copay, No Deductibles, and No Insurance.
Antidote Health is bringing excellence home with primary and urgent care for the entire family via telehealth, at a price that is hard to believe.

New York, NY – Antidote, a leading telehealth provider within the United States, has surpassed the standard for healthcare coverage by launching an affordable family health care service for $59 a month. Using the telehealth service allows medical care for everyone, from young children to elderly parents, wherever they are in the country.

Healthcare is the largest industry in the country, employing one in eight Americans. The inexplicably expensive costs it ensues exceeds 18 percent of the country’s GDP. Patients are required to pay high copayments and deductibles, even if employers provide insurance. This causes many to often forgo essential treatments, including primary care and preventative treatments. Social and economic challenges, from furloughs to unpaid medical time off, have become even more pronounced in the past year. While life beyond the pandemic poses many uncertainties, Antidote offers a cure that allows you to be in charge of your family’s healthcare.

The company, which currently serves patients in five states, now offers doctor visits for the entire family and full coverage without copay on acute and primary care prescription medications. 

Steph F., New York, is a user that needed medical attention in the middle of the night. “I have no insurance and Antidote allowed me to see a doctor at 2 a.m. In the morning, there was a prescription ready at my pharmacy and the online appointment took less than 10 minutes. I received excellent service the entire time.”

Through the service, family members can easily schedule doctor appointments for the entire family in as little as five minutes. Patients own all of their own data and medical records, allowing access through secure channels. The online doctor visits take place through the app and can happen at any hour, 365 days a year. Once the visit is over, members can get most prescription medications without a copay and see a doctor at any time, offering the highest standard of care for any American. 

The service, which is currently available in Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina, is expected to expand into California, Texas, and Ohio later this summer. A full nationwide rollout is planned by the end of 2021.

“One of the most rewarding things about Antidote is how life-changing the service is to its users, in the way that they do not need to change their daily schedule” said Dr. David Zlotnick, Chief Medical Officer at Antidote. People can now see a doctor without taking time off from work, worrying about scheduling childcare, or agonizing over the expensive cost. 

Dr Zlotnick adds, “allowing patients to choose a doctor they trust as their primary physician furthers the doctor-patient relationship, helps keep our patients healthy, and enables us to begin healing the healthcare system.” 

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About Antidote

Antidote, formerly known as Med&Beyond, is driven by its mission to provide tens of millions of uninsured and under-served Americans with affordable access to quality healthcare services and coverage by resolving the misalignment between providers and patients in the US healthcare system.

Antidote was founded in 2020 by seasoned entrepreneurs with vast expertise in building and scaling digital services in industries such as insurance, healthcare, and cyber security.

The Antidote team is deploying the first digital HMO based on a proven and successful international blueprint, proprietary deep tech, and machine learning.

Antidote believes that every person is born with the fundamental right to receive proper medical treatment!

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