To Mitigate Ransomware And Other Advance Cyber Attacks, Use Blockchain Enabled Supermicro’s Iot Edge Devices And Hardwares.

BDATA and Supermicro to collaborate and help companies to mitigate ransomware cybersecurity risks using (BIoT) blockchain driven secure data streaming technology which comes with comprehensive intrusion detection and monitoring.

BDATA Solutions Inc. released details of a collaboration with Super Micro Computer, Inc. (SMCI), a global leader in enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions, and green computing technology, for an innovative blockchain-enabled secure data streaming edge devices for IoT, 5G and Critical Infrastructure industrial applications. 

BDATA’s BIoT technology offers blockchain-driven multilayer cybersecurity solutions that help companies leverage the financial and operational benefits of IoT, AI and 5G technologies. Combined with Supermicro’s cutting-edge fan-less IoT gateway series, the system is a proven solution that can secure existing data-streaming infrastructures and accelerate the adoption of new ones.

“Working together, BDATA and Supermicro will help companies mitigate cybersecurity risks and support the implementation of IoT devices without worries, while  offering end-to-end secure connectivity by using BDATA’s patent pending BIoT technology,” said Syed Bari, Founder of BDATA Solutions. 

Supermicro’s broad line of fanless IoT gateways provides customers with a secure, scalable, resilient, and flexible edge to cloud infrastructure. Supermicro’s versatile E100, a small yet powerful fanless IoT/Edge server embedded with BDATA blockchain technology delivers a highly secure BIoT solution for smart factories and buildings. The solution is designed for machine and industrial automation in process analytics, predictive equipment failure, artificial intelligence, and deep learning-driven edge computing applications. It supports multiple cloud providers.

“Blockchain technology is key to next-generation endpoint security solutions for Edge, IoT, and AI workloads,” said Raju Penumatcha, senior vice president and chief product officer, Supermicro 

“By providing enhanced data encryption, end-to-end immutability, and device protection, Blockchain solves some of the most critical security and scalability challenges in IoT. Our collaboration with BDATA offers an out-of-the-box, cost-effective solution that enables our customers to accelerate adoption and security of Industry 4.0 applications.”

Learn more about the new system in this whitepaper.

About BDATA Solutions, Inc.

BDATA, a premier Toronto-based blockchain innovator, is a dedicated provider of Blockchain-based data-streaming solutions for IoT, 5G and Critical Infrastructure industrial applications worldwide. BDATA is committed to improving cybersecurity by ensuring secure, immutable, and auditable data-streaming with BDATA’s patent pending BIoT technology.

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