Leading Creative Technologists Introduces Afinity, a Unique Virtual Reality Application

Afinity created by a team of creative technologists aims to leverage virtual reality as an empathy machine.

Afinity, a unique virtual reality application, has been created by a team of creative technologists with the aim of leveraging its use beyond the known parameters of creativity. The project aims to take virtual reality beyond the consumer market, and expand its horizons to use it as an empathy machine.

“Virtual reality is an amazing technology with incredible potential but it’s used for marketing and sales purposes,” says a member of the Afinity creative team. “We want to expand the application of VR beyond its usual applications. Afinity makes use of VR to create awareness about disability challenges.”

Creative technologists Sukratti Jain, Paras Juneja, and Justus Rosenkranz have put their brains together to come up with this project that aims to take Virtual Reality beyond the consumer market. They want to expand its horizons in the B2B segment and leverage it as an empathy machine.

The use of virtual reality as an empathy machine is a completely new area of experiment. While this powerful and influential technology has proved to be highly successful in marketing and driving consumer sales, Afinity wants to further broaden the use of VR. The Afinity creative team recommends its use as a sensitivity training tool for corporates, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and workplaces.

The Afinity team is of the opinion that by applying creative ideas and using an innovative approach, VR can be used for providing an immersive experience for the employees and students. They will be able to see things from a disabled person’s viewpoint and understand their problems better.

Afinity makes use of VR technology to make students and others experience the challenges that disabled persons face in their everyday life, and especially at workplaces. It can prove to be an effective way of understanding and empathizing with persons with disabilities and helping them.

The key members of the Afinity team are creative technologists, Sukratti Jain, Paras Juneja, and Justus Rosenkranz. Philip Wogart and Shannon Christie were the mentors of the team.

Afinity has won the following awards:

1. Silver – Muse Creative Award

2. Gold – Vega Digital Award

3. Bronze – Creativity International Award

4. Winner – Communication Arts Interactive Competition 

5. Silver – Summit Creative Awards

6. Gold – Graphis New Talent Awards

For more information, visit https://www.commarts.com/project/32523/afinity

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