Zambian Emerald in Sizes up to Six Carats Available with Star Lanka for Buyers that Appreciate Affordable Quality

Zambian emeralds are counted as among the best quality emeralds. Star Lanka stocks a variety of these beautiful stones possessing an alluring deep green color with tinges of blue. The gemstones are certified by reputed labs.

According to announcements released by Star Lanka and Suhail S, the Zambian emerald, in its many shapes and sizes, available with this business, is among the finest purchases that any gem lover can make. 

Star Lanka is among the top global sellers of this form of beryl. Even with slight inclusions, Zambian emeralds and those from Colombia are regarded as the highest-quality emeralds in the market. Western astrology regards emerald as the birthstone for May. 

Soothing green hues are the most arresting feature of this stone, which has garnered a considerable share of the world market in a short span. Zambian emerald is available in different grades, and at Star Lanka, buyers can choose one that suits their budget and intended use. 

Emeralds available at Star Lanka are sorted and priced based on color, clarity, and cut. Customers can choose from top-quality Zambian emeralds in pure green hues or select from exquisite deep green stones with a mesmerizing blue overtone. 

Zambian emeralds with Star Lanka are available in different cuts; the emerald cut is popular with buyers. It suits the Zambian emerald because it brings out the stone’s luster due to its parallel cutting, allowing light to refract through. Gemstones are crafted from these precious emeralds by expert lapidaries using the most appropriate tools for the job. Rectangles and squares offer the opportunity to create a multi-faceted gemstone and are often the shape of choice for emeralds coming out of Zambia. 

At Star Lanka, it is possible to purchase transparent emeralds too. These emeralds feature a clean look with even distribution of colors. The emeralds are available in sizes ranging from less than one carat to nearly six carats. Stones weighing less than two carats are ideal for setting into jewelry. Customers can design jewelry on the Star Lanka website. 

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Suhail S of Star Lanka said, “Our objective is to bring to you the best nature has to offer, in its purest form and in the most transparent way possible. Transparency and passion are key parts in our industry, and as a company, we strive to put these into practice in all our dealings. We are well-established in Thailand, Hong Kong, and China, focusing on the wholesale business. In addition, we cater to the unique needs of our high-end customers who come to us with very precise requirements. Regardless of what you want, we can meet and even exceed your expectations.

Our gemologists are experts with years of experience and know-how to coax the maximum beauty out of a rough stone, be it an emerald or tourmaline. If you feel that the results aren’t up to your standards, don’t hesitate to contact us for a solution. Over the many years we have been in this industry, our experts have gained the experience and expertise to perfect the reshaping, resizing, and polishing of gemstones to turn the precious stone into an exclusive piece.”

About the Company:

Founded in 1985, Star Lanka has grown to become a leading manufacturer and seller of quality gemstones. These are created from precious stones sourced ethically from conflict-free zones. Through Star Lanka, buyers can purchase the best quality rubies, garnets, tanzanites, and other stones at a relatively lower cost.

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