The Unexpected Sport That Could Hold The Key To Post-Lockdown Fitness Goals

For many of us, over a year of lockdown-life has had a detrimental effect on our health and fitness. Sure, there are always going to be exceptions: the ones who have pounded the pavements, boasting wildly about 5k personal bests with the data from their overpriced GPS watches, but for an overwhelming majority, that idea was, and still is frightening. 

Sport and fitness activities are often marketed in ways that are daunting to the uninitiated. Gyms can be scary places – full of equipment you have no idea how to use and physical trainers whose sculpted bodies are a constant reminder of your own shortcomings.

If only there was an activity that provides a full body workout, can be enjoyed just as much in the back garden as it can in the Olympics, is easy to pick up, inclusive, and most importantly fun…

Luckily, we have the answer: Badminton.

Badminton is a sport that has gone under the radar for a long time. A lack of TV and mass media exposure to the professional game leaves many with an image of a gentle, co-operative game in the garden, hardly an activity that will get the blood pumping and trim that lockdown belly. However, the truth is badminton is one of the best kept secrets in the fitness world.

A badminton shuttlecock has been recorded at speeds of 426 kph, making it the fastest racket sport, requiring fast dynamic movements and lightning quick reactions. Obviously these speeds aren’t going to be found down the local leisure centre but the beauty of badminton is it can be played at whatever speed or level you feel comfortable with. are an online retailer run by passionate players who are keen to stress that badminton can be one of the best ways to get fit, lose weight and have fun, commenting:

“We believe badminton provides the perfect platform to exercise both social and physical needs after a testing year. Playing badminton burns an approximate 450 calories per hour and also helps to improve flexibility, muscle tone and balance whilst lowering the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.”

“One study in particular showed that playing badminton increased life expectancy by approximately six years, double the three year benefit found from steady state exercises like running, cycling and swimming.”

“What we love most about badminton is that although it can be very physically demanding, it can also be a fun activity played by any age, gender or ability. Due to the way a shuttlecock decelerates, it can be controlled and play at a slower pace if required – although in our eyes, there’s nothing better than trying to hit the fastest smash you can!”

Perhaps it’s time to reassess how you are going to get ‘beach body ready’ or just lift your mood and have fun. Either way, badminton comes highly recommended.

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