MT Productions Takes Center Stage As It Continues to Break Barriers in the Entertainment Arena

MT Productions Takes Center Stage As It Continues to Break Barriers in the Entertainment Arena

While the comforts of our spaces bring us ease and confidence, staying in one’s zones hinders us from achieving growth. When one fails to look beyond their current circumstances, we remain restricted, preventing ourselves from harnessing our true potential. As a result, our potential to reach impressive heights will stay an idea, enabling a future filled with regrets and what-ifs. However, this is not the case for a go-getter and trailblazing entrepreneur like David Saavedra. While going out of one’s shell to transform visions into actions is a terrifying task, this power player believes that success favors those who walk outside their comfort zones. For this reason, David stands as an esteemed changemaker, driving change while leading a promising enterprise called MT Productions.

Established to translate its founder’s passion for growth, art, filmmaking, marketing, and entrepreneurship in 2017, MT Productions is an audiovisual company that is currently making waves across a wide variety of industries for its stellar approach and innovative breakthroughs. Primarily headquartered in the sandy beaches and palm-studded streets of Miami, Florida, Its rise to fame has garnered massive attention among industry powerhouses and peers, slowly cementing a reputable stance across the trade. This emerging entity not only dominates multiple businesses with grace and finesse, but it also seeks to show the power of breaking barriers in order to fully achieve greatness.

Over the years, MT Productions has managed to impress countless established authorities for its remarkable track record across various fields. From creating commercials for esteemed brands to producing TV shows, the company has stretched its horizons, slowly building an empire of its own. However, this trailblazing entity did not immediately start with a bang. As a matter of fact, MT was formerly called Miniteatro Tampa – a production company that was primarily focused on making short theater plays. Years down the road, the brand expanded its structure and began to offer a wide variety of services, from doing web series, fashion and reality TV shows, and podcasts to opening the first Art Center for the Hispanic community that offers classes in acting, dancing, and performing. Armed with an unparalleled knack to exceed expectations, MT is on its way to radically introducing change across the industry through the release of its most ambitious project, #Challenge La Serie.

#Challenge La Serie is a television series filled between Tampa and Miami. This is a heavily emotional story about a modern family that is shrouded with mystery and suspense. Directed and created by David Saavedra, this remarkable series is set to be released on a popular streaming platform this year.

Although MT Productions is a promising enterprise of its own, it would not have reached impressive heights had it not been for its founder’s desire to grow. By continuing to defy the odds stacked against him, David Saavedra is bound to revolutionize the industry while inspiring others to break barriers and rise above them.

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