The Latest Plant DNA Science is now available to the US Cannabis Industry

MyFloraDNA Inc. jump into a big lab in Woodland with AgStart. Allows the company to accept big projects and bring its technology to all the cannabis players in California!

Davis, CA – Today, MyFloraDNA Inc. is in the news again. As we announced a year ago, this small biotech startup, a brainchild of UC Berkeley scientists, has moved to a new laboratory with more space, to accommodate automated equipment and workforce. This expansion will allow all the big cannabis growers of the state to access the latest technology in genomics for better management of their crops with increased financial output.

Thanks to the new connection with the AgStar lab in Woodland, CA that will allow larger batches to be tested and faster returns to cannabis growers. Streamlining the process for customers, and maximizing testing processes of plant gender detection, chemotype detection, new disruptive technologies, and disease screening.

MyFloraDNA, whose mission is to create a more sustainable agriculture through genetic studies, will now be able to offer its DNA analysis for cannabis growers in California, which is an excellent benefit for growers who can now see how they save costs and improve their crops. This kind of genetic testing has been a growing demand in the last months because of the vast benefits that science can bring for cannabis growers.

The benefits of democratizing this technology and bringing it to all the growers is extensive. The new lab space rented by MyFloraDNA will allow the cannabis companies to have faster growth processes, while maintaining the convenience and affordability of our services.

AgStart helps entrepreneurs cultivate ag & food innovations from concept to commercialization, providing needed space and connectivity to producers, researchers, mentors, and investors. MyFloraDNA is one of them and will be increasingly beneficial to cannabis growers.

“It is amazing to work with AgStart and his lab in Woodland, this opportunity will help us to jump to big players and fulfill MyFloraDNA’s dream of giving access to genetics for everyone by democratizing it,” said Angel Fernandez, CEO of MyFloraDNA

“MyFloraDNA will bring to the community the latest genomic technology to our lab. We are excited to help them to grow fast,” said John Selep, Lab AgStar´s CEO.

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Disclaimer: All the services provided by MyFloraDNA Inc. are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. We do not sell products that contain THC / CBD or any prohibited substance.

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