Italian Photographer and Digital Marketing Expert Enrico Fusco Introduces Proshare

Social advertising expert and digital marketing expert, Enrico Fusco, makes his solutions available to the world with the introduction of Proshare

Enrico Fusco has undoubtedly shown his professionalism in digital marketing in Italy and other parts of Europe. Over the years, he has delivered state-of-the-art online marketing solutions to different categories of clients, including businesses and individuals from all walks of life, with accolades pouring in for his level of professionalism and quality of service delivery. In addition to being an online marketing expert, Enrico has also shown his prowess as a photographer.

The digital marketing industry has evolved and grown in popularity over the years. Experts have described it as the blood for businesses that want to survive in the 21st-century. Unfortunately, thousands of businesses worldwide have not particularly harnessed the features of online marketing for various reasons. However, Enrico Fusco is looking to change this narrative, with his recently introduced Proshare service further substantiating this claim.

We have been using our web app for years to help us manage our customers’ social media accounts. In recent years we have mainly collaborated with local businesses and by making our service public we can also reach companies in other states by helping them in the management of their social channels saving times. Our web app uses the official APIs of the respective social networks,” said Enrico Fusco.

Enrico Fusco boasts of an amazing profile as a social media manager, social advertising expert, digital marketing professional, and photographer. The Italian multifaceted professional has proven to be a jack of all trades and master of all, with the services delivered including SEO, copywriting, web design, graphics, video marketing, and a host of others.

In line with his goal of meeting the growing and diverse needs of clients, he created the Proshare service that helps users easily optimize profile management on social networks. The solution is designed to automate the process of building a formidable online presence via social media, with features such as scheduled posts and visual plans.

Enrico is also the founder of HydraSpace a web agency created as a network of collaborators. Enrico and his team have worked with a plethora of businesses in Italy and other parts of the world, helping to create content for social media and online promotion. He also currently offers a lightroom preset for photographs and imaging professionals.

For more information about Enrico Fusco and his amazing portfolio, visit – Enrico Fusco can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

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