Rise Above Institute Announces Online Financial Training And Education For Teens, Parents, And Salary Earners

Miko Bacomo and his team of financial experts are providing parents, young people, and income earners with practical financial education to help them have a better future

Rise Above Institute announces financial training and education for young people and adults in Canada and the USA. The institute help students learn about finance and how it affects their lives and will determine their success, now and in the future.

Students learn the fundamentals of making money, budgeting, career, business, and other finance topics important for everyone who wants to succeed in today’s world. Networking opportunities provide learners access to growth while their mentorship classes and sessions remain one of the best places to get the right motivation for success.

“If your income were to stop today, how long could you live your current lifestyle? This was a question that was posed to almost everyone last year during the global pandemic. In today’s economic environment, it’s not about just making money; it’s also about knowing how to make your money make you more money,” said Miko Bacomo, Founder/President at Rise Above Institute. “At Rise Above Institute, we work with all our student partners to understand their finances more and to provide them with the tools to succeed if and when another economic crash happens.”

Rise Above Institute is on a mission to provide quality and modern financial literacy and education that teaches people how to manage their finances effectively.

They have a good relationship with experienced financial educators and industry giants who serve as guest educators on the program. These teachers have achieved 7-8 figure incomes, and they will be revealing the secrets of their success. Teens, young adult, parents, salary earners, professionals, and business owners all need to learn and understand ways to manage money for future and long term financial goals.

While other institutes charge $599-$999 per month, Rise Above Institute charges only $79 per month, making the classes accessible to more people. The project is much more than making a profit; it’s about adding value to society by helping more people have a better future with prudent financial management. Students also learn about real estate investment, the stock market, car dealership business, loans, credit scores, investing, and more.

For more information, please visit https://www.riseaboveinstitute.com/.

About Rise Above Institute

Rise Above Institute is an online learning platform that empowers millions of Canadian and American young adults and parents better to understand their credit, money, and career. The programs and lessons are taught by Miko Bacomo, who has spent hundreds of thousands and several years acquiring the knowledge. He’s helping students get the same information faster, with less stress, and at an affordable price because of his passion for impacting the world by spreading financial literacy.

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