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Sweater manufacturers believe that after ordering sweaters, they need to be washed inside and outside. Sweater washing is different from ordinary silk and knitted fabrics. Because sweaters need to pay attention to a lot of details during the washing process, many people don’t know it, depending on the type of sweater. Different from the type, the washing method needs to be changed actively when washing. The following describes how to wash the sweater after ordering it?

1. Add laundry solvent

Good-quality sweater custom-made merchants recommend that pat the dust off the sweater before washing, and then soak it in cold water for 10-20 minutes, then put it in a detergent solution or soap solution and gently wash it off. The color of the wool is normal. For ordinary sweaters, neutral reagents can be used to remove the stains remaining on the sweaters as appropriate. After washing, do not wring (spin) the moisture in the sweaters completely, and place the sweaters in a ventilated place to dry.

2. Tea cleaning

The sweater factory believes that washing sweaters with tea leaves can not only clean the dust of the sweaters, but also make the color of the yarns not fading and extend the life. The washing method is to put an appropriate amount of tea in a pot of hot water, and the tea leaves need to be filtered in advance. After the tea is brewed, soak the sweater (thread) in the tea for 15 minutes, and then gently rub the sweater. In order to prevent the sweater from deforming after it is made, it needs to be placed in a mesh bag and dried.

3. Ironing

In the case of using a steam hot iron, please iron if conditions permit. The sweater ordering agency recommends that the back of the sweater is facing up, and the steaming hot iron is placed a few centimeters above the clothes, and the whole clothes are ironed ( Do not push the iron directly onto the clothes to prevent damage to the fiber structure or damage to the elasticity of the clothes). If want to make the cuffs and hem flat, just place the towel on it naturally and gently press it.

It is very important for sweater suppliers to master professional washing methods for merchants or ordinary consumers, but sweaters can be washed too professionally and the clothes can be handed over to the dry cleaners. If there are a lot of diamonds on the sweater or a concentrated sweater For many processes, when the sweater is ordered and washed, it is necessary to consider whether it will have a negative impact on the sweater, so that the color and size of the sweater will not be affected after the sweater is ordered and washed.


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