Lawlor Media Group: One of the Top PR Agencies in New York City for Corporations, Organizations, and Individuals

Lawlor Media Group has more than two decades of experience in handling public relations for their clientele. The Agency is a full-service, boutique PR Firm that counts among its clients some of the top corporations, organizations, not-for-profit Charities based in New York.

According to announcements released by Lawlor Media Group (LMG) Founder & CEO Norah Lawlor, this New York boutique agency has a rich experience of more than twenty years in Public Relations and online reputation management. LMG clients include established corporations, organizations, not-for-profit Charities and successful individuals.

LMG is among the top PR agencies in NYC because of the breadth and depth of the service portfolio it offers their clients. These include media coverage, crisis management, branding, online presence and reputation management, special projects, and event management.

Clients that desire to run discreet “guerilla marketing type” campaigns can trust Lawlor Media Group to generate a quick response even in complex media communications environments. The agency routinely handles one-off projects with diverse objectives and has a successful track record of delivering results. 

The speed of the media cycle and the rate at which information is disseminated online has resulted in a critical need for entities to define, communicate and safeguard their reputations. LMG ensures that its clients’ reputations are preserved and enhanced through constant monitoring and positioning of the right messaging. The Agency handles communications on the blogosphere, social networking sites, video sites, instant messengers, etc., to combat negative perceptions and develop the Clients narrative. The Agency works with the client to resolve genuine issues that customers may have. 

Lawlor Media Group produces and manages media engagement at events depending on the clients’ requirements and vision. It can identify channels for communication, hire photographers and handle those things that ensure the success of an event in terms of media participation and engagement. LMG works to establish wherever possible the presence of opinion influencers and media darlings at the event to generate buzz and direct public perceptions in a positive manner. 

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Norah Lawlor of Lawlor Media Group said, “Lawlor Media Group applies established relationships with local, national and international press to develop a sustainable media presence for our client’s target audience. By utilizing an ever-expanding network of newspapers, magazines, social networks, television, radio, and online outlets in the digital age, we offer our clients a comprehensive approach to achieving exposure and publicity for their messages. When a critical situation arises for a client, LMG can establish a robust crisis management plan. We assist our clients in determining if they should communicate, what they should communicate, who they should communicate with and when to communicate it. We also advise our clients on the best tools to use for the right effect to implement the plan. LMG has widespread expertise in handling media and an extensive array of media contacts.

“LMG provides PR solutions that integrate seamlessly with corporate branding initiatives to uphold and perpetuate the client’s brand values successfully. A strong brand must have a unified and cohesive identity to connect with and engage its audience. Therefore, the LMG approach focuses on consistency across social, visual and ancillary touchpoints. We work strategically with our clients to assure that all communications are aligned with the client’s brand vision, thereby outwardly expressing a positively memorable brand personality and image.”

About the Company:

Lawlor Media Group is a boutique PR management agency operating out of New York City. Over two decades, it has built up an impressive portfolio of clients that includes top American brands. Its services are bespoke and delivered after detailed consultation with the client.  Recent accolades include the award of Best PR Firm from Dan’s Papers Best of the Best, Crain’s Business Notable People in PR and

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