First Mover: Mighty To Bring Epoch-Making Innovation

With the advent of Covid-19, the isolation between people caused by quarantine has stimulated the explosive growth of social media. This in turn creates favorable conditions for the development of blockchain media. As a transformational technology, blockchain will usher in a golden age in the next 5-10 years. By 2025, the direct economic benefits generated by blockchain technology may reach a trillion-dollar level, according to the research and analysis of authoritative institutions.

The influence brought by blockchain industry has popularized significantly in the first half of 2021. On April 14, Coinbase, known for its compliance within the field, went public on Nasdaq, leading to a new wave of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Elon Musk, CEO of the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, gave strong backing to cryptocurrency when his company purchased 42,000 BTC. The move greatly propelled trading in cryptocurrency market. The integrated development of blockchain and social media is one of the important application directions for this brand-new industry, and a new generation of social media is about to emerge.

Driven by blockchain, Mighty comes to meet the needs of times.

Mighty, established by a Singaporean team, is committed to breaking down the barriers existing in the practical application of blockchain in the real world, providing users in different countries and regions with social services, cross-border payment and business mutual assistance based on blockchain-powered digital currency. In turn, this enriches the application scenarios of both blockchain technology and digital currency, promoting the business progress and social development of numerous industries. 

“Building relationships with massive global users by resorting to social media” is a new pattern of blockchain-centered media. This encapsulates Mighty. With the overall goal of solving payment pain points, the platform aims to provide global users with secure, stable, convenient, and reliable payment services using a carefully-built social application. After the large-scale growth of users, Mighty will build an excellent business service platform to realize the close intercommunication between merchants and global users, so as to drive the smooth flow of global value.

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, a great amount of resources has been poured by the Mighty team into the social application, payment platform, decentralized wallet and service provider platform. As a result a comprehensive payment system centered on social applications has been successfully built. Meanwhile, the Mighty team also places emphasis on the risk aversion and compliance on the platform. It is reported that Mighty has successfully obtained a payment license issued by the Singapore government and received government subsidy support. At present, the team is actively applying for licenses in Hong Kong and other areas to continue Mighty’s global compliance.

From social media to payment services, Mighty is poised to be the frontrunner.

With the aid of AI algorithms, accurate information can swiftly be pushed to users. Mighty improves greatly upon traditional media. It can not only support multimedia messages such as voice, text, pictures, short videos, etc., but also recommend community updates based on AI algorithms to help users easily access the information they need. In addition, Mighty’s “Community” goes above and beyond traditional ones. It adds support for public chats of up to 10,000 users and private chat groups of 2,000 people. An “Easter egg” can be sent in the chat, which provides an element of mystery.

Digital currency transfer is supported during chatting. Digital currency can be transferred in the chat window without requiring users to manage wallet addresses, adding to ease of use. In terms of digital currency application scenarios, Mighty has numerous surprises planned for the future.

Flash exchange makes Mighty payments more impactful. This feature provides users with simple, convenient and secure exchange services. The one-click exchange service now covers BTC, ETH, and USDT.

For the sake of meeting the diverse needs of global users, Mighty will launch more powerful social function modules in the future such live streaming, delivering a brand-new, unique social and payment experience. While enriching payment application scenarios, the Mighty team is devoted to developing new functions and algorithms to serve more users and merchants around the globe, potentially creating a new trend within the blockchain industry. So far, Mighty has been launched on Google Mall and App Store.

Not just the social network software

Over the past 20 years, the number of Internet users has increased by 130 times, and the number of active users of mobile social media (applications) has reached up to 4.15 billion. By focusing on blockchain-powered social platform, Mighty is going to take over the world of mobile social network applications.

To better satisfy the needs of global users, Mighty has successfully expanded use cases to cross-border remittances, overseas consumption, and cross-border e-commerce services. Mighty 1.0 is just the beginning. Future upgrades and iterations will help Mighty open up the global payment chain. 

With the upcoming application ecosystem led by Mighty, blockchain will penetrate into all aspects of our daily life, covering social contact, finance, consumption, entertainment and other fields. Mighty Social allows cross-border information sharing and communication; Mighty Finance provides users with multiple investment and financial services to increase the value of digital assets; Mighty Pay allows convenient and instant cross-border remittance and global online shopping.

Look forward to further application scenarios launched by Mighty.

The future of blockchain is already here. Mighty, standing upon the summit, warmly invites users all over the world to join the community, taking one step towards the future!

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