Karron Dodd’s Ruby Girl Is the Inspiration Girls Need to Walk through Life

Karron Dodd’s Ruby Girl Is the Inspiration Girls Need to Walk through Life

Making a difference is something very few have aspired to do and been successful in doing. For Karron Dodd, her life is a whole lot of inspiration, not just as a minister, public speaker, and talk show host but as an entrepreneur. Karron Dodd is the founder and CEO of His Designs LLC. Her company is creatively bringing Christ to the world using the brand Ruby Girl.

As a public speaker, Karron speaks yearly at the Sisters Let It Go conference about women classing it up. She has produced a yearly talk show since 2016 called Relationship Real, a show about being relationship-ready. The talk show features skits, fashion shows, married, single, and divorced guests who shared their wisdom about relationships. In 2020, during the pandemic, she started a weekly Facebook live show called the Ruby Girl Talk, where she features entrepreneurs who needed a platform to share their business.

In 2021, she signed up for the Shawn Fair Leadership Tour to obtain experience as a professional speaker. Her mission is to touch the lives of those damaged by trauma and give them hope that God can heal them. She wholeheartedly wants her testimony of surviving abuse and the murder of a parent to empower those who have been rendered powerless by their past. She is an encourager who believes that the Word of God will help a person overcome every fiery trial. 

Karron caters to women who are ready for a mindset reset, specifically women who are twenty-five and older and who are searching to identify with a positive self-image.

She described her mission as the most distinctive feature of her company. Realizing that crime is influenced mainly by the unemployment rate, she is driven by the desire to give previously incarcerated people jobs.

“I want to help end black-on-black crime. I want to build a business large enough to affect my community and bring change to it,” she said.

When asked what motivated her to build her brand, she said, “My brand is all about changing your mindset from victim to victor. I believe women play a key role in the direction of the household. If they know their worth, they will make better choices about who they connect to. My mother didn’t know her worth, and she connected with a man who took her life. I don’t want to see another woman die at the hands of a man who professed to love her. Women are bombarded with messages and music that tear down their self-worth. I want my brand to be the voice that restores the worth of a woman.”

In five years, Karron sees herself steering the affairs of a multi-million-dollar corporation as the CEO. With His Designs LLC, she hopes to build secure housing communities where single mothers, particularly victims of domestic violence and abuse, can live and be safe. With Ruby Girl, she intends to create a curriculum that teaches women their self-worth and value and the importance of not accepting less than they deserve. Karron wants to leave a legacy, through Ruby Girl, that will affect generations all over the world. 

Learn more about Karron Dodd by visiting her website.

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