Hive & Honeybee Launches Exclusive Brand Queen Bee Luxury Soap Co

Hive & Honeybee launches Queen Bee Luxury Soap Co as an exclusive brand that focuses on bringing you closer to nature through Honeybee Inspired beauty care products.

Greenville, SC – Jun 16, 2021 – Hive & Honeybee officially launches new exclusive brand, Queen Bee Luxury Soap Co. More than just handcrafted beeswax & raw honey soaps, the product line already includes: Beeswax Emulsified Sugar Scrubs, Honey Infused Bath Salts, Whipped Beeswax Body Butter, Beeswax Solid Lotion Bars in addition to incredible their honeybee inspired soaps. All of these items are handcrafted by the small team at Hive & Honeybee.

What originally started from an interest in using products from the beehive and infusing them into handcrafted soap, now encompasses a full range beauty care products. Offering small batches of limited release seasonal honeybee inspired beauty care products, gives their team an opportunity to infuse the honeybee into your beauty care routine. These are spa quality handcrafted products offer a personal treat that is truly worth the buzz!

“Queen Bee Luxury Soap Co started out with just soap and now has expanded to brings spa quality products that make you feel like a Queen Bee. The key ingredients provided by Honeybees make these ordinary beauty products bring a lot of buzz!” – Tim Shirey, Owner Hive & Honeybee.

Hive & Honeybee was founded with the purpose of elevating the value of the honeybee and the role they play in the ecosystem to people’s daily routine. We have exclusive brands such as Hilltop Honey Co. that is the honey from our own beehives, Queen Bee Luxury Soap Co that is focused entirely on honeybee inspired beauty care products, and the Drone Club which is designed for gentlemen. At Hive & Honeybee we also have a growing list of partnerships with other small businesses, woman owned businesses and veteran owned businesses around the US to bring even more honeybee products to our shelves. Honeybees bring more than honey to the table. Turning ordinary everyday products into wonderful experiences that are designed from the onset to create a closer connection with the environment.

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Hive & Honeybee is an ecommerce company that specializes in Honeybee Inspired Products. With exclusive brands – Hilltop Honey Co., Queen Bee Luxury Soap Co., and The Drone Club. These exclusive brands, along with a growing list of partnership brands, form the foundation of an ever-expanding place for sweet finds. Hive & Honeybee is dedicated to elevating the honeybee through blog-based education and honeybee inspired products meant for use in daily routines. Committed to bring awareness to the honeybee, encouraging planting pollinator friendly trees and flowers, and increasing the excitement in young people to build the next generation of honeybee enthusiast.

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